• Last Minute Checklist Before Any Trip


    Here is the absolutely crucial last minute To Do List from The Women’s Travel Group

    1-Check weather in your home town, any connecting area and your destination. If bad weather is coming call the travel insurance company for advice on changing your ticket.

    2-Photocopy your passport photo page and any visa page you need for this trip. Leave one copy in your email, another in your images file on your phone and more at home or with family or friends.…

  • Traveling Alone: Don't be Ashamed

    “I am going to try ‘alone’ travel” she said on the phone today. This is a comment we hear almost daily.  It is often said with slight embarrassment or hesitation.  Women are social animals. As such, we don’t like to admit our friends will not join our travels, or that we don’t even have traveling friends!

    So what are the worst things that can happen on a tour. What can you do about it once you are launched.

    1. You don’t feel good on Day 1.
  • Five reasons to grab last place: Yucatan/Merida

    A simple list should be enough to convince one of our Facebook pals to takethe last room: Dec 2-7 or stay on.

    Weather: sunny warm and fresh.
    Budget: The Peso at an all time low!
    Scenes: UNESCO Heritage sites amidst flowers and birds.
    Food: corn,chocolate,chili, beef, yum
    Friends: Travel with a Group of new friends from Texas? NY? CA? FL? IN?…

  • Women’s vs Men’s Travel

    Women’s vs Men’s Travel


    Group in Utah,

    Yes The Women’s Travel Group Bucket List is gender specific.I write this as a wife with two sons who were born overseas and traveled with me a bunch. Women are different.

    Women thrill at exotic and unusual, but we must have a comfortable hotels and decent bathrooms during the tour.

    We will experiment with food. But we must have  a hearty breakfast, more vegetables, at least one recognizable main dish and dessert!

    We like to learn. However walking tours cannot be too long; museum visits must end at absolute maximum 90 minutes.…

  • Why You Need to Call Your Tour Operator

    Why You Need to Call Your Tour Operator


    Please share with friends who have special needs they are reluctant to talk about.
    Why should you also call your tour operator? Sometimes speaking with us at The Women’s Travel Group, brings up other questions you forgot or were nervous to ask.

    Example: A woman was hesitant. When we spoke with her, she told us she was on the heavy side and worried that she might not fit in.

    Some questions are easier to answer verbally. Example: A woman asked if she, as an older lady, could do our trips?…

  • So who is in The Women's Travel Group?

    So who is in The Women's Travel Group?

    We thought you might like some bio’s of women who travel with us. We do not want to share their personal details but just to give you an idea of who we are…

    Lets start with Cathy. Cathy just retired from her health care job managing 350 doctors, psychiatrists and others. Cathy found us through a local women’s group and joined us to Sicily several years ago. Cathy has traveled for years checking in on her son, whose work took him overseas. …

  • Why Do Married Women Travel Solo?

    Why Do Married Women Travel Solo?

    phyllistemplePhoto is of Phyllis in Khajurahu, on our India trip.

    Phyllis started The Women’s Travel Group in order to travel. She had 5 weeks vacation in her career as a banker; her husband had 2. She loved travel; he was indifferent. She wanted to see ethnic exotic places; he liked London, Paris.

    There are many reasons why married women travel with The Women’s Travel Group. Some of the obvious ones are like Phyllis’. Less obvious:

    He is not well. We have elderly parents/young children and one parent must stay home.…

  • Danger Signs in Women's Tours

    Five danger signs to warn you off a tour; serious tips to share from The Women’s Travel Group.

    Yes we have heard stories like the one from Isabelle who booked a train trip from a tour operator, arrived only to find there was no such train. Here are the danger signs:

    No one answers the phone-voicemail will not do especially while you are traveling.

    Photos in brochures or sites are formally posed not casually shot.

    Women in photos are obvious models not real people.…

  • Five Musts on a First Singles' Tour

    Do at least a little reading so you actually know where you are going. Even if just a wikipedia whisk through. Save some of the information in your Kindle or other device.  Sources: wikipedia, Frommers/Fodors/Lonely Planet on line. Did you know you can borrow e guidebooks from the library then save chapters in your phone etc.

    Have $50-100 in single US Dollar bills to use before you have local currency. Going to the bank at the destination airport is dangerous. You will be exhausted, you might leave something behind, you need to keep one eye on luggage and one on your money.…

  • Are You Scared of Your 1st Solo Trip?

    Today we received a beautiful email from one of the women who went with our group on the AMA cruise to SE Europe in July/August. She was thrilled to find instant friends on board with our group and they apparently connected up with more women for dinners and more. This was Bev’s first trip alone, well alone in our group. She wrote to us that she even made tentative plans to join some of the new friends on another trip in November.

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