Here is the absolutely crucial last minute To Do List from The Women’s Travel Group

1-Check weather in your home town, any connecting area and your destination. If bad weather is coming call the travel insurance company for advice on changing your ticket.

2-Photocopy your passport photo page and any visa page you need for this trip. Leave one copy in your email, another in your images file on your phone and more at home or with family or friends.

3-Think as you use any personal products, like moisturizer, brush, toothpaste, floss,hairpin, medicine etc. Now make sure these are in your suitcase. Do this over 24 hoursĀ for essentials.

4-Look again at your flights on line; sometimes schedules change or there are last minute choices like upgrades? meals?

5- Get an on line coupon for your car service and use it for a few $$ off the rate.

6-Empty your wallet of extraneous cards/change/museum memberships etc. Definitely leave your US license home!

7-Review any password changes you might have made which you will need while abroad.

8-Put the US and toll free numbers for your tour company, travel agent, airlines, hotels onto a simple note on your phone. Add the airline local office number for the destinations you will be visiting.

9-Turn off your phone answering machine; if they cannot reach you, most people with important messages will email you.

10- Get a few good nights sleep. This is the most importantĀ last minute rule of all.


Travel Tips from Phyllis Stoller at The Women’s Travel Group