Do at least a little reading so you actually know where you are going. Even if just a wikipedia whisk through. Save some of the information in your Kindle or other device.  Sources: wikipedia, Frommers/Fodors/Lonely Planet on line. Did you know you can borrow e guidebooks from the library then save chapters in your phone etc.

Have $50-100 in single US Dollar bills to use before you have local currency. Going to the bank at the destination airport is dangerous. You will be exhausted, you might leave something behind, you need to keep one eye on luggage and one on your money.

Pay your telephone company for an overseas package: ATT is about $30. Even if you do not use it, you have some kind of emotional connection.

Talk to hotel staff about your individual needs, off to the side if possible. I just came back from Paris. The hotel graciously gave  more in room coffee, swapped around the pillows for softer ones, dropped off extra shampoo. Making a list for the housekeeping and giving it to the Front Desk might sound pesty, but it works with a smile.

Pack no less than 10 extra zip lock bags, gallon size. You will find small items fast and you will not panic which is easy on a first trip, and use them for wet/dirty or broken items. Include a list of easy to lose things: adaptors left in the wall for instance, safe contents, shower area products?

Call us at The Women’s Travel Group. We can promise you will not be the only woman taking her ‘maiden’ voyage with us. We specialize in hand holding and making sure you break your travel ice. Amalfi Coast, Rome and Sorrento for Thanksgiving, Morocco for Christmas, India in December, and more.

Send us your tricks!