Today we received a beautiful email from one of the women who went with our group on the AMA cruise to SE Europe in July/August. She was thrilled to find instant friends on board with our group and they apparently connected up with more women for dinners and more. This was Bev’s first trip alone, well alone in our group. She wrote to us that she even made tentative plans to join some of the new friends on another trip in November.

So thinking about it for Thanksgiving in Italy or December in India? Or Christmas in Morocco? Stop thinking and dive right in.

What is the worst that can happen if you join a well organized tour like The Women’s Travel Groups?  No one has to be life of the party, no one has to pry into your business Best of all no one tells you what you can or cannot do, wear or not wear, eat or not eat.

Keep these little rules in mind:

Be pleasant punctual and try to connect the names on the list we give you with faces. If in doubt about something, don’t be afraid to ask others-no question is dumb. If worried about something even jet lag, some one else is bound to feel the same. Any nerves you have are generally shared with some others.

Join a fun and welcoming trip with The Women’s Travel Group. Don’t spend Thanksgiving or Christmas alone or slaving in the kitchen. Thanksgiving in Italy and Christmas in Morocco will solve those problems.

Call us to talk about your issues, 646 309 5607 and share this with your friends.