• Vaccine Passport: Proof or Spoof?

    Vaccine Passport: Proof or Spoof?

    For the first time ever, I was asked for proof of vaccination in a Vaccine Passport. The ‘ask’ was by the receptionist at a private club in Manhattan. My CDC card is locked away. Therefore, as proof, I  presented an iPhone with the New York State app, Excelsior Pass. I was permitted to take off the mask. Friends with no smart phone or CDC cards had to wear  masks until seated. We felt like haves and the have nots. It reminded us of a scene from ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Forum’, the hilarious Mel Brooks movie.…

  • Delta & Lysol Your Dancing Partners

    Delta & Lysol Your Dancing Partners

    Good news on airplane toilet sanitation: Delta is partnering with Lysol using its disinfectant liquids, sprays and wipes on the plane, boarding areas, baggage areas and in its Sky Clubs. Lysol is the hard to find gold bar for this pandemic. The US Environmental Protection Agency approved two Lysol products as effective against the virus when used on hard, non-porous surfaces.

    Our group in Albania after a Delta flight

    Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist meet the EPA’s criteria for killing the virus fast. Now with Delta also buying it we know why Lysol is impossible to find in stores or on line.…

  • Over the Rainbow, Women are ready to travel.

    Over the Rainbow, Women are ready to travel.

    Over the Rainbow… Women ready to travel? Time is getting nearer and nearer when we will. The virus is no Wizard of Oz; it is real, dangerous and in control of our lives right now. But things are changing even though it feels like they are not.

    We will travel again and the time is getting nearer.
    So who is wearing the mask on our Ethiopia trip?

    Slowly slowly, travel is coming back. Travelers are antsy. Airlines are sparkling clean, as are airports. Hotels are sanitized. Even the NY City subway is polished and primed.…

  • Packing and Weather

    Packing and Weather

    Packing and weather  do not dance together well. During Summer, we pack light clothes and tees; therefore,  forgetting that altitude and general direction of winds can create unseasonably cold air. Moreover, we forget that planes are cold and some airports as well. In winter we can overpack again forgetting that in cold weather, one can use sweaters and jeans for a number of days. But that shoes might get wet so we need a second pair. 

    A good way to zero in on what to pack is to make some notes on what you are wearing on different weather days.…

  • We survived historic health problems on airplanes!

    We survived historic health problems on airplanes!

    Haven’t we survived historic health problems on airplanes? Yes of course. And we tolerated these health problems on airplanes as the ‘norm’. Moreover remember smoking on airplanes and in the airport? We flew anyway and sat next to smokers in the departure lounge. Smoking was the ‘norm’. Therefore, there will be new ‘norms’ now. We argue that none of them is worse that what we had before.

    CDC Masks and new travel health problems
    (Image source: CDC Public Health Image Library)

    Here are some of the proposed changes that might effect you when you next travel.…

  • Unfair Airline Situations and Rules

    Unfair Airline Situations and Rules

    Airplane rules? I was on an AA flight coming home from our Tuscan Cooking Trip– coach of course- and the meal choices were red sauce spaghetti or chicken with red sauce spaghetti. Well I am not allowed to eat tomato sauce, so was totally out of luck for a 7 hour flight. (Forgot to say, the snack was pizza with tomato sauce.) As I was traveling solo, had no one to complain to. Complaining is always a catharsis even when hungry. …

  • Travel Dreams: How To Get Through the Doldrums

    Travel Dreams: How To Get Through the Doldrums

    Britain travel dreams

    The Women’s Travel Group is full of wanderlust-ed women who are currently housebound. Where do we dream about going these days? Is it cities like London or Paris? Are we drifting to wider open spaces in our reveries? 

    How to Get Around Britain

    On our trips we like to combine city and country. Here is a combo to satisfy both the urbanite and the country gals. Britain has a terrific train system; off peak is cheaper than peak commuting times. Super off peak hours are generally 10AM-3:30PM then after 7:15PM.…

  • Do Not’s on Planes in Cold Weather

    Here are some Do Not’s on Planes in Cold Weather. We suggest more comfort on planes in cold weather.

    1–Do not sit next to the airplane window, unless you are wearing heavy socks. And if a long flight, consider compression socks.
    2–Do not overdress, but layer with room in your carry on for the second layer you will take off (too easy to forget!) Note: you are more likely to lose clothing you take off if it is dark. Lighter and brighter items will show up on the seat or floor near your seat.…

  • Women and Poor Travel Health Habits

    We are not experts in travel health. However The Women’s Travel Group is a first-hand witness in how poorly women prepare for their travel health.

    Packing and Shopping Excessively. Sure it feels good to have new travel clothes. Shopping tinge is a prelude to travel excitement. We say: avoid these splurges! New shoes are dangerous as you have not tested them on tired or swollen feet. New clothes take up the attention you should give to important documents and money.…

  • Tips for the Scaredy Cat Eating Solo on the Road

    Here are simple tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Practice these to get out of your scaredy-cat zones. (PS, on our trips we have group dining)

    They are ranked by EASY and HARD tips

    1-EASY Choose a communal table or bar in a casual restaurant.

    2-EASY Opt for the 3 course set meal, that way you will stay for the whole experience. Hopefully, there is an indulgent dessert involved.

    3-EASY Smartphones make solo dining easier… if you need a diversion toy.…

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