• Tips for the Scaredy Cat Eating Solo on the Road

    Here are simple tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Practice these to get out of your scaredy-cat zones. (PS, on our trips we have group dining)

    They are ranked by EASY and HARD tips

    1-EASY Choose a communal table or bar in a casual restaurant.

    2-EASY Opt for the 3 course set meal, that way you will stay for the whole experience. Hopefully, there is an indulgent dessert involved.

    3-EASY Smartphones make solo dining easier… if you need a diversion toy.…

  • Ways to Make Carry On Stuff Lighter

    Ways to Make Carry On Stuff Lighter

    Unique Ways to Make Your Carry Stuff On Lighter

    Readers Digest says 57.4 percent of travelers are packing lighter and 56.5% plan to check fewer bags. Here is their article.

    Empty Your Wallet of store credit cards. Consider taking photos of cards you might want to use. Put your finger on some of the numbers when you take the photo; this is to hide the full information.

    Dump coins. Coins are heavy. In some countries like the UK, coins are so heavy, they will break through fabric pockets in a short time.…

  • New TSA Regulations for Women Travelers

    New TSA Regulations and Old Ones You Forgot

    TSA is always refining their rules; adding new ones, or changing old ones. Recently TSA stopped allowing powder in carry on luggage. Any passenger on an international flight bound for the US who is carrying 12 ounces or more of powder cosmetics or talcum powder, dried spices, or protein mix must now place it in checked luggage,  If you do carry more than 12 oz. TSA will likely toss your powder, delay your movements and search you more thoroughly.

  • 6 ‘Get Out of Jail Cards’ for The Nervous Female Traveler

    Scared of traveling? Here are 6 get out of jail suggestions for you and your friends from The Women’s Travel Group, specialists for new travelers.

    Learn your phone. By learning to use your phone, you will never feel alone while overseas. Learn what is wifi? texting? whapsapp? roaming? cellular data? contacts list?

    We joke that a 5 year old can teach us computers. So can the Apple Store, questions to google.com and friends. Learn and you will feel connected to your life back home.

  • Videos of real people on The Women’s Travel Group on many trips

    We are pleased to show you photos of a few of our trips. Many more trips are listed on http://www.thewomenstravelgroup.com. The reason we are sharing these photos is to show women out there that we are regular,all ages, all backgrounds. We are also all casual.

    Some things you cannot tell from the photos are:

    We come from all over the US and Canada.

    Some women here had never traveled overseas before.

    Most knew no one on the trip!

    Everyone was nervous at first and everyone relaxed and came back for another trip.

  • 5 Reasons to Make Ireland a First Overseas Trip

    First overseas travel can be scary. You are away from the home you know and trust.  Accents might be hard to decipher.  You are jet lagged. You are tired.  Money is strange. People might look at you. Even TV will surprise.

    Going to Ireland as your first overseas trip is a smart idea. Touching on the above: the language is English, accents are closer to the American accent, than most British accents. The flight is short. Signs are in English.  And the greatest benefit: Many Irish feel close to our country and have family in the US.…

  • Events to Avoid Overseas

    This is from a Huffington Post Article by Phyllis Stoller, President of The Women’s Travel Group.
    When you plan your next trip, you will likely consider weather and hopefully check into seasonal costs of flights/hotels etc. Travelers today are traveling during what are called ‘shoulder’ seasons which relate to good, not perfect weather, which avoid peak season crowds and can offer lower airfares. However, many travelers do not check other factors that might make a trip excessively expensive or full of unpleasant surprises.
  • Women TRAVEL

    Women TRAVEL

    This is a blog post from Huffington Post which we hope you will follow:
    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-8-worst-mistakes-a-veteran-traveler-made-in-2017_us_5a2ec58ce4b04cb297c2aefb  Look for Phyllis Stoller, a contributor and follow her there. Most posts are not repeated here.
    These mistakes are commonplace and can make your trip pretty miserable. Follow the link above for more information about safe traveling and below use the link for more about The Women’s Travel Group and our tours.
      Yes, all of these mistakes are common even for a veteran traveler, former ex-pat and the President of The Women’s Travel Group.
  • When to document with a Photo?

    Everyday we read about videos and photos travelers take to document bad situations. When should you take a photo or video and how should you do it? If you are going to document situations, keep notes which include names of flight attendants, pilot etc. Your seat number and ticket number, which is the very long letters/numbers reference.

    First get the time/date on your phone set correctly. Then include something in the photo that dates and places the incident.

    When not to take a photo: 

    A manager/check in personnel has been horrible to you, ask for their card.…

  • Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel: Part 2

    Part 2 will address the following issues which scare us women:

    Find the trip you want, walk through the itinerary to identify the scary parts. 1- Did luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

    Walk thru the itinerary with us on the phone; lets find anything which you worry about and address it. Elephant ride in India? A long walk? Food?

    As the airport carrousel rolls around with everyone’s luggage, most women hold their breath.  …

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