• The Scent of Lost Luggage

    The Scent of Lost Luggage

    Lost Luggage it felt like a disaster or at least the worst possible situation: lost luggage. Three of us in a Women’s Travel Group of 20 ladies, flew to India a day before the group. It was a direct British Airways flight: London to Delhi. What could go wrong? Luggage was checked through so embarkation was a breeze.

    Well here goes: In Delhi, we cleared customs, then waited at the luggage carousel. Nothing came out.  I mean no bags at all from the 350 BA passengers.…

  • Women's Travel Group in London

    Be a Bus not Bust Girl

    Our company provides transfers.  When traveling alone, this writer loves Public Transportation: buses, subways, monorails, shuttles, ferries. In the US, bus still means the seedy bus station or rowdy college kids. Subway connotes anti social behavior. Shuttles take too long. Ferries have questionable bathrooms.  But if you are overseas in any major European city, try the public transportation. You will save money with public transportation,and move quickly.

    Public Transportation when traveling alone.
    Heathrow Express

    Overseas, public transportation is used by all classes of travelers.   In many cities public transportation is available for distances like airport to town or central bus station to ex-urbs.…

  • Does war destroy Women’s Wanderlust?

    Does war destroy Women’s Wanderlust?

    War in the Ukraine; does war destroy our female wanderlust?

    European Union Safety and War
    Source: European-Union.Europa.eu

    Let’s start with the fact that no European Union country has issued a travel warning related to war.  Quite the opposite in fact,  EU countries are easing regulations for what we know as ‘non essential travel’. Flights and hotels are full and flight statistics show price increases related to greater bookings.  The Women’s Travel Group is busy and we see many of the same trends.Travel to Western Europe is benefitting from pent up demand from Europeans.…

  • Women: don’t drink wine in your hotel room

    Women: don’t drink wine in your hotel room

    Women who visit London solo. Don't drink alone in your hotel room. Tips: The Women's Travel Group.
    A prior group to London and Countryside with The Women’s Travel Group

    Women who visit London with us in May: don’t drink wine in your hotel room. Our company is an expert in London. There are plenty of un-daunting places for a solo woman to end a travel day with a glass of wine. On our London/ Countryside trip, we’ll talk during dinner at my home on May 15, and recommend some historic pubs. In Britain, pubs are friendly and welcoming.…

  • Packing and Weather

    Packing and Weather

    Packing and weather  do not dance together well. During Summer, we pack light clothes and tees; therefore,  forgetting that altitude and general direction of winds can create unseasonably cold air. Moreover, we forget that planes are cold and some airports as well. In winter we can overpack again forgetting that in cold weather, one can use sweaters and jeans for a number of days. But that shoes might get wet so we need a second pair. 

    A good way to zero in on what to pack is to make some notes on what you are wearing on different weather days.…

  • Unfair Airline Situations and Rules

    Unfair Airline Situations and Rules

    Airplane rules? I was on an AA flight coming home from our Tuscan Cooking Trip– coach of course- and the meal choices were red sauce spaghetti or chicken with red sauce spaghetti. Well I am not allowed to eat tomato sauce, so was totally out of luck for a 7 hour flight. (Forgot to say, the snack was pizza with tomato sauce.) As I was traveling solo, had no one to complain to. Complaining is always a catharsis even when hungry. …

  • Our Grandchildren: Afraid to Travel?

    Our Grandchildren: Afraid to Travel?

    Women's Travel Group in Egypt
    The Women’s Travel Group

    Grandchildren are afraid to travel says The Women’s Travel Group. Headlines of airplane recycled air and cruise ship contamination scare them. Travelers are quarantined counting days, stuck overseas or feeling home lonely. How can we help our grandchildren to look forward to the adventures we have loved. And stay connected with them?

    I have talked to my 12 year old darling granddaughter, about our traveling together one day. I send her photos and anecdotes when overseas and bring her and his sisters little gifts from unusual places.…

  • 8 Things to Always Lock Up in Your Hotel Room

    8 Things to Always Lock Up in Your Hotel Room

    The Women’s Travel Group advises:

    Summer trips still have space

    The Women’s Travel Group advises:

    Medicine you cannot live without. In non English speaking countries, thieves cannot tell if your medicine is simply Tylenol or a narcotic.  

    Anything with a brand name even if a fake. Sunglasses should be treated like jewelry.

    Electronics, that means you need to recharge when in the room. Use a larger charger for faster re-juicing.

    All plastic credit cards, even if no or low value, like a store points card only used in your area.…

  • Bring a Hobby to your Travels

    Bring a Hobby to your Travels

    Women pursue hobbies and take adult ed classes. Avoid expert-led pricey tours and clone your own. Here we show you how.

    The first step is to ask us about any interest overseas. Example: The Women’s Travel Group was asked about one traveler’s Norwegian roots on our Summer Norway trip. Would we be near the town?

    Second is to see if we hav a speaker on your trip which we often do.

    Mr. Martin Mata eminent Albanian development expert on our Albania trip.

    Third: have a goal: learn?…

  • New York City With The Women’s Travel Group

    We added a New York trip timed it October 12-16 with peak leaf color and the best weather.  During our week, the artist Ai Wei Wei has fences like this one built all over the city:

    Our welcome dinner is at Phyllis Stoller’s home in a traditional 1920’s apartment building.  Bring your special interests so we can assist your hunt. Love to shop? Ask us where to go for best bargains or elegant treats.

    Need a room mate? Just ask and it is done.…

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