Packing and weather  do not dance together well. During Summer, we pack light clothes and tees; therefore,  forgetting that altitude and general direction of winds can create unseasonably cold air. Moreover, we forget that planes are cold and some airports as well. In winter we can overpack again forgetting that in cold weather, one can use sweaters and jeans for a number of days. But that shoes might get wet so we need a second pair. 

A good way to zero in on what to pack is to make some notes on what you are wearing on different weather days. Looking at  temperature on line and recalling how you feel at different temps is impossible. For instance, for our exciting trips in the Spring: Paris, Sicity, Emirates etc., weather will vary.  It might be easy to mis-pack.  You might find yourself lugging around a winter coat. And you will be burdened with it in the airport, airplane and every time you need to use a bathroom! You might not even need that coat until you arrive home and wait for a new minutes on a taxi line 

Experiment, go outside and try different layers of clothes until you find the efficient and comfortable combination for your own internal temperatures. Get packing and weather in sync.  

This past weekend was cold in my city. Cold, that is, for the end of May. Unusual weather and windy enough that if you were traveling in summer gear, you would have been shivering. I know that 60 daytime partly cloudy, means layering a tee with a long sleeved tee and a light down jacket. Down is so packable and compressible for space. 

Check weather every day for a week before you depart. Then remember to check it in the other cities in your itinerary. If the destination is high: like Mexico, Bhutan, Nepal remember to add degrees to each 1000 ft of altitude 

For any weather, bring one travel hat: if rainy you need it. If sunny you need it. 

A travel tip from The Women’s Travel Group.

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