• Solo Travel Scares

    Solo Travel Scares

















    Ixtapan Spa, part of our Feb. 8 group. Single supplement for a whole week is only $170…

    Who isn’t at least a bit nervous when solo traveling? Even vets like myself from The Women’s Travel Group are more on edge when alone. You have to be watch your valuables, scan streets and be responsible for your movements. Compound this with the fact that women are statistically poor sleepers, worse in hotels than at home.…

  • Too Nervous to Travel?

    Too Nervous to Travel?


    Can travel be fun for Nervous Nellies? Yes for some. No for others. Let’s face it, some women just do better in their environment and home. Others yearn to travel but are scared of flying? Being a solo but in a group? Not being understood? Concerned about jet lag? About unusual food? and Yes about toilet access.

    Food and toilets are specifically women’s concerns. Food worries us since we are diet conscious and these days have more allergies: gluten, sugar, seeds, eggs, peanuts… Asking for a specific diet is as easy as forewarning our staff at The Women’s Travel Group.…

  • Share left on Cote D'Azur

    Our policy at The Women’s Travel Group is to offer share guarantees on our trips; if someone is not matched, they often get a no supplement single. What is the worst that can happen if you share?

    1- You might find out you are the messier packer?

    2- You might learn about new expensive habits that will cost you; that is how I learned about $$$ Frederic Fekkai hair products from travel mate.

    3- You might have to ask for a second room key?…

  • Indecisive friends: URGHHH

    Indecisive friends: URGHHH


    The photo is of a mansion in India where we stopped for a buffet lunch.

    Words of truth from The Women’s Travel Group.

    Here are the most common excuses friends use for avoiding your invitation to travel:

    Number 1    ‘Let me think about it’.    (time frame is ‘never’)

    Number 2   ‘Let me try to get an ff ticket’.   (that puts worth on you, your friendship is worth 50,000 miles or $550.)

    Number 3  ‘My family doesn’t want me to go’. …

  • Five Ways WTGroup Women Helped Eachother

    Five Ways WTGroup Women Helped Eachother







    A Hidden Benefit: How Women Help Each Other in Group Travels with The Women’s Travel Group.

    We thought you would enjoy hearing these five anecdotes:

    India:   When several of us had delayed baggage, others in the group immediately offered: socks, medicine, pj’s, even shoes! We lacked for nothing without even asking. Women are great that way, caretakers even on the road.

    Ixtapan:   One woman needed cash to pay for shopping (the resort is inclusive so no need for extra money there).…

  • Last minute Feb trips: S Africa and More

    Last minute Feb trips: S Africa and More

    vicfallsHate the sleet and snow and ready for an adventure this February? How about a super last minute trip to South Africa and neighboring Botswana! The Women’s Travel Group can offer you a huge discount by taking our last shared room on South Africa and Botswana. Yes you will need to rush, but some adventures are worth hustling for.

    Here are the details attached.  We can secure your air, and rates have only gone up a bit. We will overnight your documents and help with rush visas.…

  • Happy Holidays to All Our Friends

    And here is what we wish for all women who travel: memories to broaden our hearts and minds, friends to share them, health to keep us on the road, families that support our wanderlust and a world full of safe and peaceful surprises for 2015 and beyond.

    Happy Holidays and Thank You All Facebook Pals and Fellow Travelers for another wonderful year.

    We are off to Cuba, France, Easter Island and South Africa shortly….join us and make a difference.…

  • Private women's trips

    Did you know that The Women’s Travel Group can organize travel for your organization or group of friends? We do this all the time. If you see a trip you adore and want us to replicate it for your group, ask for a quote. An example is The Cote D’Azur, south of France trip for the Transition Network. TTN is a national organization of women over 50 and with them we choose the itinerary. Art,history, food, markets in Nice, Avignon, St Paul de Vence, San Remo-Italy, and Monaco.…

  • Age versus Travel?

    Age versus Travel?



    There is one word for this correlation: irrelevant.

    Just back from our India trip with 22 women, all ages.  So who did the best? Not the youngest and not the oldest, but the ones with adequate fitness, a sense of adventure and  the right pace. Don’t let your friends say you are too old to enjoy travel!

    A few mini rules:

    Don’t overload your carry on weight or risk back pain.

    Find the perfect walking shoes and wear them no matter how ugly.…

  • The 'get rid of travel anxiety' pill

    A professor of psychology in California studied stress levels of people who watched excessive news reports about the Boston Marathon bombers.  She compared their anxieties against those of people who were at the Marathon.  Those who overdosed on news were much more stressed than those who attended the Marathon. The article where this study appeared is about the nation’s hysterical reaction to 2 cases of ebola on our shores.

    If you want to live a normal but adventure filled life, don’t watch the news on television.…

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