Certain countries are ideal for singles at Christmas; others, lonely. London for instance has a 2-4 day quiet time when Christmas/Boxing Day/Weekends fall together. Paris, on the other hand, is sparklingly alive. Below is only some of what we will do, in our Women’s Travel Group tour to Paris for Christmas. Come Solo. Don’t mope at home

Paris has the most glorious Christmas trees in both stores and public spaces, 19c carousels, skating rinks, and lighted icons like the Eiffel tower and The Louvre.Stop by Galeries Lafayette for the 90 foot tree hanging from its stained glass ceiling or the Pyramid at the Louvre? Our hotel is near Galeries Lafayettes. It is the Bloomies of Paris with plenty of restaurants easy to navigate


French celebrate  with midnight Mass Dec 24/5. Why would you go  if you were not Christian?  The music of a French mass in a historic church has atmospheric beauty that will send shivers up your spine. 

Traditional Christmas dessert, Buche de Noel, is a chocolate log usually decorated with sugar mushrooms, and holly leaves. Our Christmas lunch will be on the Seine and dinner Dec. 24 at a Bistro before going to famous Madeleine Church concert. Can you stand Buche de Noel twice? buche

The Madeleine Church was started in 1764, Napoleon turned it into a Greek Temple, and it was consecrated in the 1840’s. Excellent acoustics of course.


Shopping will end late on Dec. 24 but begin with sales on Dec. 26. Sales in France are twice a year; blockbusters with incredible values, not left over junk. We suggest you choose one of the big stores: Printemps or Galeries Lafayette for shopping. Get a tourist card for extra discounts. In one store,  you accumulate enough to get a tax return. Street markets also have great gifts: soaps, artisanal perfume, herbs. And Monoprix, the Woolworths of France, is a must for bargains: kitchenware, baby clothes, food, cosmetics. We send you shopping tips for Paris.

A few spots left on our marvelous Paris for Christmas trip. Yes we arrange air, yes we arrange extra nights. Yes we send lots of tips. We cannot control the Euro, but wow this is the time to go.