Our home in Paris for The Holidays

Our home in Paris for The Holidays

Hotel room in our Paris hotel

Hotel room in our Paris hotel






On a first solo trip many of us are scared in the hotel room. The Women’s Travel Group (www.thewomenstravelgroup.com) hears that from its members.  We might be veteran travelers, but we are not veteran single occupiers. Can we order room service and calmly open the door? Is the lock working? Who in the hotel knows we are alone? What if we get sick?  If the alarm clock malfunctions? If we fall in the shower?

My first time alone is a hotel room was in New York. Double being alone with eating dinner alone,working out in an eerily empty gym then going to a job the next day. Here is how I handled it:

Closed the dead bolt (many guests in hotels do NOT use the dead bolt according to hotel managers).

Looked outside the windows for any fire escapes/cat walks etc.

I did look under the bed for the boogie man- we know some of you do that also.

Continued with mind erasing stuff; going through your luggage gives you a sense of control.

Talked to myself about how silly the fears were and how being in a hotel was safer than being in my house. I even wrote some of my fears down to review later.

Left the bathroom light on.

There is psychological safety and real safety. Here is a list of real safety measures:

Lock with the dead bolt. (Make sure there is a strong lock which cannot be opened by someone outside.)

Know your hotel room number in case you need instant help; keeping the hotel card with the room number on an end table is a good idea.

Do not stay on the ground floor or in a room, that has a common area like a balcony with another room. Go onto the balcony to check as some hotels are suites redivided when singles.

Check the fire escape map on the door.

Change your room if the Front Desk announces the number in front of other guests.  Same if you lose a non electronic key.

Always ask for management if you want to explain why you feel unsafe. You will be doing all of us a favor.

The Women’s Travel Group offers both single and double occupancy rooms, and arranges shares if you prefer the latter. We use 4 1/2 to 5 star hotels on is tours including Colors of India Nov 11-22, Paris for the Holidays in December 2015

+ many more on our site. www.thewomenstravelgroup.com

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