Friend in Southern Ethiopia

Friend in Southern Ethiopia







In the last years airline fuel dropped 24% and fuel surcharges have not dropped 1%. So what is going on here?

Airlines are profiting from keeping surcharges which were as high as $600 round trip NY-London. Airlines now call these ‘international fees’ but they are the same old fuel surcharges. Airlines are  still nickel and dime-ing us on checked baggage, food, lounge access; they are practically weighing us.

I have flown American on  Business Class to Mexico City from NY many times. Despite the class of service clearly denominated on the ticket and on , there is no Business Class lounge access allowed. For a $1000 ticket, cannot American afford a cup of coffee for a 7AM departure?

There is little we can do; 4 major companies control airline choices.

A few suggestions: screen shoot your booking, and screen shoot every page of the site that relates to your ticket. That way, you have ammunition. Example: I had a ff Delta ticket to Rome ; Delta emailed that the flight changed substantially, and, as such, I was entitled to a refund. I needed to call Delta. The agent said I had to pay a $150 penalty. I showed her the screen shot where there was no mention of a penalty or restriction relating to a ff ticket. Delta backed off and gave me a full refund with no penalty.

Arm yourself for consumer’s sakes!

We booked a few last minutes on Ireland this July and Canyon Ranch MA. on July 23. India is $200 off until June 30,  Shares on India, are guaranteed saving you more than $1,000.

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