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Now is Mexico our new safe haven? Mexico has always been safer than news media wants to paint it. As writers confide quietly, they don’t get headlines by writing positives.  They get headlines with fright and fear. Count the number of times scary words appear on google then count pleasant words, the scary ones have many more millions of mentions.

We will shortly be going to Mexico City, a global capital that spans pre Colombian times to 21 century art and architecture. The government of Mexico promoted the area smartly. The result is a long list of new trips by American museums, colleges and affinity groups. These trips are needlessly expensive.

Our trip stays at 4 star historic Hampton Inn and Suites near all the major sites and the Cathedral. We include wonderful meals, and conversations with a specialist guide. We keep the group small so everyone can make new friends, and we arrange extra days for those who wish.

Don’t be fooled that expensive means better. You might make some new travel friends along the way also with our group.

Join us: Feb 4-7 and take one of the 2 remaining rooms. Continue to Ixtapan Spa on Feb 7 or return home or stay on as several are doing.

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