Airplane rules? I was on an AA flight coming home from our Tuscan Cooking Trip– coach of course- and the meal choices were red sauce spaghetti or chicken with red sauce spaghetti. Well I am not allowed to eat tomato sauce, so was totally out of luck for a 7 hour flight. (Forgot to say, the snack was pizza with tomato sauce.) As I was traveling solo, had no one to complain to. Complaining is always a catharsis even when hungry.  One of our travelers ordered a vegetarian meal domestically; she got a Snickers and an Apple? Not too bad vs going hungry. 

Now another scenario and another airplane rule. For the next flight I took (personal business), I was upgraded and received the happy news on my iphone, 24 hours prior to the flight. The upgrade included a menu; what did I want for lunch? Wow, what a difference. So clicked the button for the Caesar Salad but the button did not work. Why? The error message said you must order this meal a minimum of 24 hours before flight time. But I only got the email 24 hours before flight time. Frustration doesn’t keep us homebound but what occurs on the plane is a much talked about subject. 

So many airplane rules and so many deadlines. Best advice: have the airline app on your phone and check it twice a day beginning 2 days before your departure. Sometimes a seat you might like opens up at the last minute and you can move away from the middle seat. That is if middle seats are being used on your flight.

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Airplane Rules: All the Way with PBJ.  A quick note from and Phyllis Stoller

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