• Hesitation-landia For women who stay at home

    Again yesterday we spoke with a traveler who repeated: my friends cannot make up their minds or they are dead. Why is it that women are indecisive while still wanting travel?

    We believe it is because we areĀ  used to our nests; flying out is scary. Travel like fitness is a learned skill; the more you do it, the easier it is. If you have not traveled in 5 years, here is a practice set for you:

    Stop reading headlines. Get informed and look at US, Canadian, UK and Australian government announcements.…

  • Traveling if You Have Been Ill

    Everyone at this stage has some ailment or body piece that needs fixing. If you love to travel, don’t let your aches and pains take over; the more you baby yourself, the less active you will become. Tips from The Women’s Travel Group for choosing a trip when you ache and for overcoming it all.

    Choose as trip from our list of trips on our site ( here is the link: www.thewomenstravelgroup.com) that has fluidity: a transfer to the hotel to the tours to the dinners.…

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