Again yesterday we spoke with a traveler who repeated: my friends cannot make up their minds or they are dead. Why is it that women are indecisive while still wanting travel?

We believe it is because we are  used to our nests; flying out is scary. Travel like fitness is a learned skill; the more you do it, the easier it is. If you have not traveled in 5 years, here is a practice set for you:

Stop reading headlines. Get informed and look at US, Canadian, UK and Australian government announcements. Use your brain: if country x was dangerous, why would all travel insurance companies insure you on a trip there?

Make a list of questions, no matter how detailed and ask them. A phone conversation is often more encouraging than email black and white.

Try a few solo experiences in your neighborhood: a solo lunch? a solo theater ticket? Prove to yourself that you can do independent things again.

Make a list of everything you use in  48 hours. This will surprise you in its brevity, and give you a sense of control plus packing guidance.

Avoid conversations with negative people. They are not having fun so don’t let them poison yours.

Make an assessment of your special needs and see if we can cater to them. Back issues? Bathroom issues? Shyness? Newly solo? Talk to us,

Regrets+passing time=   Well we all know what it equals.

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