Everyone at this stage has some ailment or body piece that needs fixing. If you love to travel, don’t let your aches and pains take over; the more you baby yourself, the less active you will become. Tips from The Women’s Travel Group for choosing a trip when you ache and for overcoming it all.

Choose as trip from our list of trips on our site ( here is the link: www.thewomenstravelgroup.com) that has fluidity: a transfer to the hotel to the tours to the dinners. Ask up front what you can do if you want to miss an event or meet up later. On some trips you cannot meet up and on others you can.

Go ahead of the group and rest for a day or two in the arrival hotel. In Delhi on our India trip, you will be very comfortable at our luxury hotel, use the spa! Click on the link which is copied here.

Don’t want to deal with luggage even at the airport? Fedex your luggage. Fedexing to Paris for instance for our Christmas trip, a 5 day DHL transfer from NY to Paris with $500 insurance on a 35 pound bag is $170.

Yes, ask for a wheelchair in the airports if you think you might be depleted after a flight. You must ask us if wheelchairs are guaranteed for your destination!

Have a specific situation, like hearing loss, don’t be afraid to request sitting next to the guide.

Or need bathroom stops frequently? Again ask us if it is possible and whether or not the country allows bathrooms on their buses; some do and some don’t.

The Women’s Travel Group wants you to have fun and we will be honest about matching your limitation to our buses and itineraries. Just ask about coming solo also.