• 5 Recent Travel Headlines and How They Effect Your Trips

    5 Recent Travel Headlines and How They Effect Your Trips

    5 Recent Travel Headlines and What They Mean to Your Trips

    Please send us headlines or rumors about travel and we will be your detective. Email them here

    Fuel Costs are Up and this means ticket prices might rise. Most of us remember that huge $$ amount called Fuel Surcharges; it morphed into a vague phrase called International Charges but remained something you pay for in your taxes. Expect some increases. 

    The Dollar is remaining strong and this means that airline taxes for international tickets might fall as they are in foreign currencies.

  • Labor Day is for Women

    The Women’s Travel Group Wishes you a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

    Labor Day in the United States is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. (Wikipedia). We all know Labor Day as the unofficial end of Summer and the beginning of planning for the Autumn and Winter.

    Labor Day is also about women and our contributions to our country.

  • LOW and NO Tech Travel Hints- for Women Travelers

    Each time I see an article about travel technology, my brain melts. Most of us, of a certain age, are just not interested in technology. Yes, we want a smartphone that works, wifi information and maybe a GPS. Beyond that, we just want a written document with all the details of our trip.

    If you do not know how to operate your phone, stop right here and go to the Apple Store or wherever you bought it and learn basics.

    Are we Luddites?

  • 6 ‘Get Out of Jail Cards’ for The Nervous Female Traveler

    Scared of traveling? Here are 6 get out of jail suggestions for you and your friends from The Women’s Travel Group, specialists for new travelers.

    Learn your phone. By learning to use your phone, you will never feel alone while overseas. Learn what is wifi? texting? whapsapp? roaming? cellular data? contacts list?

    We joke that a 5 year old can teach us computers. So can the Apple Store, questions to google.com and friends. Learn and you will feel connected to your life back home.

  • 10 Point Checklist to Get from Green to Gutsy for Nervous Women Travelers

    10 Point Checklist to Get from Green to Gutsy for Nervous Women Travelers


    Yes You can manage this journey, from anxiety to adventure. This is not pop psychology but practical advice. Follow this check list and start packing.

    1.  Take your proposed trip. Separate out each verb. For instance from our Ireland trip itinerary: “On arrival our staff will escort you”. Ask  Where will I find staff? Will they have my name on a sign? Where is the VIP lounge? Where does my luggage go? Get as detailed as you need .

  • Irish Food that is Worth Crossing the Atlantic!

    The Best Irish Foods To Eat during Our Trip July 14-24 2018  and  To Bring Home

    Please share with your Irish friends. You don’t have to be Irish to be Irish.

    Ireland is a gourmet paradise and has been for many years. The country is famous for the freshest food cooked simply and perfectly. Ireland is surrounded by gorgeous coast line and, of course, amazing fish and shell fish. Its emerald green fields produce gorgeous food. Ironically during the 19c Great Famine, Irish people did not fish but lived off the land! 

  • 5 Easy Destinations for New International Travelers

    Five Easiest Destination Areas for the New Woman Traveler

    Please share this email with friends afraid to travel.

    Some destinations are culturally hard, difficult to get to, involve a lot of jet lag or are challenging geographically. Others sound scary or are in too many headlines.

    Here are our five recommended trips for new international travelers.

    English speaking areas like England and Ireland are easier for new travelers. Besides being able to ask questions,read road signs, and museum signage,  women in English speaking areas are less lonely.

  • Will Your Next Trip be Ruined by Fake News?

    The answer might be yes. Not only Russians fake news, ads, and Facebook posts. Travel sellers do also. 

    Marketing,vague language, scare headlines can destroy your travel plans and make you lose mo ney.

    There are many ways false information reaches you. Here are some red flags listed by The Women’s Travel Group:

    Scare articles. Writers need scare headlines like the one on this blog post.  For accurate information, go to the US State Dept. which outlines dangers and concerns in parts of the world.

  • 5 Reasons to Make Ireland a First Overseas Trip

    First overseas travel can be scary. You are away from the home you know and trust.  Accents might be hard to decipher.  You are jet lagged. You are tired.  Money is strange. People might look at you. Even TV will surprise.

    Going to Ireland as your first overseas trip is a smart idea. Touching on the above: the language is English, accents are closer to the American accent, than most British accents. The flight is short. Signs are in English.  And the greatest benefit: Many Irish feel close to our country and have family in the US.…

  • The Flu and You

    I remember my mother talking about the influenza pandemic of 1920, yes she was that old. She told us that children walked around with boxes of sulfur around their necks on a string. Did it work? Well, she never got the flu.

    Last week The Women’s Travel Group had a get together with a terrific speaker, Karen Wright, a nutritionist, naturopath, detoxification specialist from Metro Drugs in New York City (Lexington Avenue and 68 Street. Karen is also an essential oil expert and she shared with us, uses of oils for travel.…

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