First overseas travel can be scary. You are away from the home you know and trust.  Accents might be hard to decipher.  You are jet lagged. You are tired.  Money is strange. People might look at you. Even TV will surprise.

Going to Ireland as your first overseas trip is a smart idea. Touching on the above: the language is English, accents are closer to the American accent, than most British accents. The flight is short. Signs are in English.  And the greatest benefit: Many Irish feel close to our country and have family in the US. That connection shows in strangers wanting to talk to you, help you and generally enjoy meeting you.

There are other reasons why Ireland works well for the new traveler. The country is small, going from place to place is a drive not a flight. It is full minute by minute  sites to enjoy, scenery to swoon at, and villages to charm. Go into a pub and you might join in some unexpected singing. Look at a craft and find out it was made by the seller.

Ireland is a Catholic country; however it has a Jewish tradition and since 2017 Ireland has had a openly gay Prime Minister of Indian heritage. This is NOT a country where you only look at churches.

Join our Group in July 14-24  for perfect weather, and a unique chance to visit Northern Ireland also. 

Ask for a share on this trip to save money.

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