I remember my mother talking about the influenza pandemic of 1920, yes she was that old. She told us that children walked around with boxes of sulfur around their necks on a string. Did it work? Well, she never got the flu.

Last week The Women’s Travel Group had a get together with a terrific speaker, Karen Wright, a nutritionist, naturopath, detoxification specialist from Metro Drugs in New York City (Lexington Avenue and 68 Street. Karen is also an essential oil expert and she shared with us, uses of oils for travel. She discussed how to use oils, how to NOT use oils and ways they help with sleep (lavender), nerves (many oils that can be mixed specifically for you), bugs (cinnamon), and as a healing agent for cuts (tea tree oil). After her talk, others in the group pitched in with their homegrown advice. A Pepto Bismol before each meal? Bring your own individually packaged bandaids as in some countries they come in a roll and are cut? Drink plenty of bottled water and make sure the top is tight. etc etc. Of course it is always better to seek advice from your doctor and combine it with this advice.

If you are in NY, spend some time at Metro Drugs and make an appointment with Karen first. She is a wonder of ideas on natural ways to make your trip happier, healthier, and less stressful.

We do all the work for you when you travel with us. Seeing your doctor, and packing your bags are on you. Some trips like Morocco in April where we go into the desert are more exotic and some like Japan or  Croatia is less; however, being prepared for a healthy trip applies to all travel even to Aunt Tilly in Indianapolis.

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