Ixtapan Spa Group Summer 2017

Yes You can manage this journey, from anxiety to adventure. This is not pop psychology but practical advice. Follow this check list and start packing.

1.  Take your proposed trip. Separate out each verb. For instance from our Ireland trip itinerary: “On arrival our staff will escort you”. Ask  Where will I find staff? Will they have my name on a sign? Where is the VIP lounge? Where does my luggage go? Get as detailed as you need . Then get every single question answered by reading the itinerary or by phone to us. 646 309 5607.

2.  Look at 5 recent negative travel headlines.  Airport closed due to weather?  A video of a passenger being ugly? Rarely will they say: Emergency Landing? Most of us are not turned off by emergencies; we know they are so rare. It is delayed luggage and incidentals like that which scare us.

3. Packing. Choose 2 colors and stick with them. Lay out everything 7 days before you leave. Put one large and one small thing back daily. Figure you can wear outer gear like pants, 3 times if not swelteringly hot.  Lay out all personal products you think you need.  If you don’t use them over 14 days, put them back!  99% of all major cities have pharmacies and drug stores with reliable products.  Do not load yourself with heavy bottles. Bring prescriptions in the generic. 

4. Jet lag. Yes you will be tired. Look at the faces of real travelers on line, we are all tired in the beginning. Really worried about jet lag? Two weeks ahead, start moving your personal schedule to a new time zone. Going East is easier than West, FYI. Many of us got thru feeding a baby all night, you will survive jet lag also.

5. Weather worries. A trip to the Dollar Store gets a cheap not horrid pancho. A shower cap under that $1 pancho secretly protects your hair. Clothes dry, so do shoes. Soaked? Use the hotel hair dryer.

6. Staying in touch with home. Buy an overseas package from your phone carrier. Don’t buy it online if you are nervous, call and take notes about what you are buying. Learn just basics about texting-wifi-overseas codes etc before you leave. No question at, for instance, an Apple store is considered dumb and they will help you. Some techie there has a grandmother.

7. Getting lost on arrival. Where will the meet and greet be? Will they have my name? A Sign? How do I call them if they are not there? (FYI most meet and greet people at airports know each other, so ask others standing around. They often will say, oh yes he just went to make a call etc.) Carry trip documents with this information!  

8. Do you have a 24/7 emergency number for your trip? Does your phone work overseas? (See number 6.)  A responsible tour company gives you a back up plan in writing-read it and understand it. Have these numbers pre-programmed in your phone so you don’t rustle around looking. 

9. Will your tour company put you in touch with others going ahead of time? Hearing another voice always helps! If there are meals not included, hearing that voice is even more important.

10.  English vs. xxx.  There is always someone who speaks English! If you are nervous that no one will, then here is your solution: Go to google translation, write your questions, translate them onto flash cards. Example: Where is the bathroom? Where are the taxis?  Bank? I am allergic to? Here is my hotel address?  Flash cards are a valuable tool.

We hope this checklist gets you up and traveling.

And, if not, send us your additional nerve needs and we will  help.

There is still a room share on our Ireland Trip,and a few spaces left on other Summer trips.

Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com for confidential questions. 646 309 5607 Monday-Friday 9-5.