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5 Recent Travel Headlines and What They Mean to Your Trips

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Fuel Costs are Up and this means ticket prices might rise. Most of us remember that huge $$ amount called Fuel Surcharges; it morphed into a vague phrase called International Charges but remained something you pay for in your taxes. Expect some increases. 

The Dollar is remaining strong and this means that airline taxes for international tickets might fall as they are in foreign currencies. Routes that stop in Great Britain have the highest taxes; if ‘real’ Pound values are used, these should fall also as the Pound has dropped significantly.

Are airline personnel getting nastier? If you watch those addictive videos (I personally love them) from disgruntled passengers, it would seem so. So which airlines have the most content staff? Delta, SWAir, JetBlue and slowly regaining staff happiness is United. (Source Investopedia).

Who are these new budget airlines and are they safe? Here is a list with a description of many you probably have never heard of. Besides these airlines,  many airlines are offering “basic economy” seats as low as $400 round trip to European gateways from the US.  Restrictions are no advance seat assignment, carry on only below your seat, often middle seats only, but some of these tickets are dirt cheap. (Note: Sometimes you can get a better seat once the plane is loaded and sometimes if overhead is empty, you can slip your bag into it.)

Weather problems = flight changes. Call your airline asap even before they contact you. If you see competing airlines are changing flights without payment, quote that to your carrier. The weather has become rougher, more unpredictable and this year we saw more delays and cancellations than ever in our 26 years. So be smart and check online for airlines flying to your destination then tell your airline. They will work with you once you prove your point. It is important to know that we do follow you from the time you take off until you land and are with our group. Everyone gets a 24/7 contact number to call. 

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