Five Easiest Destination Areas for the New Woman Traveler

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Some destinations are culturally hard, difficult to get to, involve a lot of jet lag or are challenging geographically. Others sound scary or are in too many headlines.

Here are our five recommended trips for new international travelers.

English speaking areas like England and Ireland are easier for new travelers. Besides being able to ask questions,read road signs, and museum signage,  women in English speaking areas are less lonely. You can converse with people, watch tv, read newspapers and menus, go to theater etc. If you are not used to international travel, you do know the feeling of needing some English TV in your hotel room or of being lost on the street. FYI You will need to make sure that signs are in English; for instance, in Ireland where Gaelic is also used some signs will be indecipherable to you.

Areas with least jet lag like Mexico are easier on the system. Jet lag is different from just feeling tired. You can feel what I can only call ‘out of sorts’ and somewhat shaky. Jet lag might keep you up all night and that fatigue combined with a new and strange country are a 1+1= 3 situation. Experienced travelers have automatic systems that help them control their environment. So, if possible, start with areas that have the least time change so you have the least mental disruption.

Countries that have familiar food make an easy segue to overseas travel. Italy, for instance, will offer menus that you might understand even if you know no Italian. Moreover, anyone can say spaghetti or gelato. Food that is familiar will make meals less stressful for the newbie. If you are going overseas and worried about ordering food, bring menu items with you in the local language and show them to the waiter.

Places where people speak many languages. Countries with unique languages like Scandinavian areas: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland have multi lingual populations. Here you will easily find people who speak English well, possibly Spanish and other languages. In addition signage is somewhat likely to be in English as well as the local language. Namibia and South Africa are in this category also.

Finally, any country that you absolutely want to visit can be made easy for the first timer. Research, asking around, maps, cultural websites, tourist offices in the US or Canada will all help. Make yourself a list of to do’s, then create your itinerary using a walking map and throw in some common sense.

The Women’s Travel Group has many women who travel with us who are newbies. You need not be afraid traveling with a group of women and an experienced guide and on a professional itinerary.

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