Scared of traveling? Here are 6 get out of jail suggestions for you and your friends from The Women’s Travel Group, specialists for new travelers.

Learn your phone. By learning to use your phone, you will never feel alone while overseas. Learn what is wifi? texting? whapsapp? roaming? cellular data? contacts list?

We joke that a 5 year old can teach us computers. So can the Apple Store, questions to and friends. Learn and you will feel connected to your life back home. Learn and you will enjoy sending photos to your non traveling pals! Learn and have this handy tool for weather/flight reconfirmations and changes/ news from home/ to make your friends jealous.

Foreign languages. English is spoken in many unexpected places. Even when not common, there will usually be one person who wants to help you with sign language or broken English. Remember, women with families are safer to approach or look for a man in a recognizable uniform: police, doorman to a building, someone ticketing cars etc. Best is a teacher as most countries expect teachers to know English.

Maps. Before you go, learn to read maps: city maps and road maps. Why road maps: if you are a nervous traveler and are alone in a cab from the airport to the hotel, learning the road map will enable you to see landmarks as you ride. City maps ease you into walking around your hotel area without looking lost or getting lost. Again study up beforehand- most hotels offer maps so ask the Front Desk.

Ask for help. From airline staff, hotel staff, the State Department if necessary, restaurant head waiters. Get your help request phrased so non-English speakers understand you. I am looking for my hotel, xxx. Rather than that say: Where is xxx? Then use props: your map, the card from the hotel,store, site, a photo in your guidebook for what you are seeking etc. Want to buy food, ask women carrying supermarket bags or the equivalent.  

Pack as little as possible. Dragging heavy bags and being imprisoned by them will make your trip harder and your mind cloudier. Heavy things like shampoo are sold everywhere!

You learned to drive? Were scared the first time? Used the lessons and rules you memorized to help you? You can learn to travel.

Please share this with friends who continue to stay home because of simple nerves. The Women’s Travel Group has worked with new travelers for over 26 years. For upcoming small group trips:  India? Italy? Spain? South America? Mexico?  For a human voice: 646 309 5607 or email:    DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR ASKING LOTS OF QUESTIONS.