The Best Irish Foods To Eat during Our Trip July 14-24 2018  and  To Bring Home

Please share with your Irish friends. You don’t have to be Irish to be Irish.

Ireland is a gourmet paradise and has been for many years. The country is famous for the freshest food cooked simply and perfectly. Ireland is surrounded by gorgeous coast line and, of course, amazing fish and shell fish. Its emerald green fields produce gorgeous food. Ironically during the 19c Great Famine, Irish people did not fish but lived off the land! 

Start with soda bread, every family in every area has a different recipe. Some slather it with  honey, sugar or dried fruits, while others add seeds, bran and oat,, or molasses and Guinness stout for the a sweet salt taste. On our Ireland trip, try it wherever you find it. Not a brown bread lover? Take a piece of delicious home made white bread, slather it with sweet cream irish butter and away you go.


Shellfish is on every coast. Irish langoustines are large shrimp like creatures with a sweet taste and again served with sauces or just butter. Again do not miss these!

Irish Stew is a mix of meat, potatoes and veggies. This is stew and be smart and get a recipe that will come home with you. All ingredients over the Atlantic Pond are  fresher, more flavorful and are truly farm to table. 

European standards are different and tighter than our food standards.  

Boxty or potato pancake is a must: grated potatoes mixed into a pancake batter and served with everything from bacon to berries to smoked salmon and creme fraiche. Yum Yum

Fresh and smoked  salmon do not need descriptions. Just be aware that fresh here is truly fresh with a subtler and more fulfilling taste.  

Tea time delights served mid to late afternoon are pastries you know from other European trips  and fruitcakes which are not at all like the fruitcakes we throw out. Whatever your tea time taste, do bring home some store bought cookies as gifts. Digestives? Crunchies? Shortbreads? Follow locals carrying food and you will locate the best stores or markets.

Let’s finish with chocolate covered sweets (aka candy) filled with whisky or Baileys Irish cream flavored liquor. Pardon my French but OMG is that good stuff.

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