phyllistemplePhoto is of Phyllis in Khajurahu, on our India trip.

Phyllis started The Women’s Travel Group in order to travel. She had 5 weeks vacation in her career as a banker; her husband had 2. She loved travel; he was indifferent. She wanted to see ethnic exotic places; he liked London, Paris.

There are many reasons why married women travel with The Women’s Travel Group. Some of the obvious ones are like Phyllis’. Less obvious:

He is not well. We have elderly parents/young children and one parent must stay home. We have different work schedules and vacations. We want to reconnect meaningfully with a daughter/niece/college pal/ mother/mentor.

He is a golf addict. He is a work addict. He is a sports addict. He is a stock market addict.

We both just need some space. We are thinking about permanent space…

Here is my favorite: he traveled all over with his first wife!

Whatever your reason, we never pry, question or judge.We believe all women who travel have a special spark, and energy that can change our world.¬† Now if you can combine your spark with¬† a tad of I don’t care what people think of my choices, YOU HAVE IT MADE. Thanksgiving in Rome, Naples and Amalfi Coast has some space if you book soon. Others like India, Morocco are also filling.

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