• Five Awful Travel Embarassments for Women

    Five Awful Travel Embarassments for Women


    The Women’s Travel Group know squirming well.

    Luggage does not come and you are in airplane-dirty clothes for 4 days. Solution: accept the kindness of strangers, our group will offer substitutes and we will get someone to take you shopping!

    You lost your hormone pills, that means crying in front of the group. Yes it happens, and no, no one will laugh at you. Bring all medicine in the generic. We  help you with a hotel doctor and  nearby pharmacy for replacements.…

  • Saving Seats in Airports for Mystery People?

    Saving Seats in Airports for Mystery People?

    Accept temporary TSA delays. Here is what really has to change: the behavior of fellow passengers. And your reaction…

    Stop saving seats for mystery people. Tell the saver, you will sit there until the mystery person comes back.

    Don’t talk on the phone in bathroom stalls. Knock on the stall door and alert them.

    Don’t leave a 100% charged device in the shared electrical plug.  Find the owner and tell them you are replacing it with yours.

    Drop trash in the bin, not on the adjacent table.…

  • The scariest moment of a group tour

    There is a rhythm to group tours.  Excited leaving home. Jumpy at the airport. Collapsed in the airline seat. Anxious departing the plane. Confused entering the airport. Nervous at luggage. Scared leaving customs. Relieved when met.

    The scariest moment of a trip is leaving the customs area of a foreign airport then scanning the crowd for a sign that says WELCOME ME.

    Before you leave home, have your meet and greet information with local phone number in your wallet or clearly noted in your phone with overseas calling ability.…

  • Single or Share? Don't for Each Choice

    Single or Share? Don't for Each Choice

    yogaHere we are in India. Join us in December 2016 for another amazing trip.

    templeSome women prefer a single on Women’s Travel Group trips. Others want a share. What are the do’s and don’ts to make each work?

    Share: To make this work and it usually does work, speak frankly to your roommate about tv noise, room temperature, when you prefer to shower, and general neatness. Come to an agreement about each and again be straightforward.

    Do not put any expenses on the joint room tab.…

  • Can You Diet on Vacation?

    Food is an essential part of travel and The Women’s Travel Group likes to eat on our trips. But can you refrain from a feeding frenzy when traveling?

    Try to eat a hearty meal before you go to the airport so you don’t blow your diet on terra firma. That means, you do not empty all the good food from your pre-trip refrigerator-you might even plan a nice going away meal for yourself.   Airplane meals are loaded with salt and sugar, so here you can eliminate some of this by pre-ordering a low salt low sugar meal.…

  • What You Won't Get in a China Trip

    All trips to China are NOT the same.  Here is what you will not see with other groups, but do enjoy with us The Women’s Travel Group to China Oct 10-20. $2590+ air.

    The Great Wall at Mutianyu:  with fortified towers and,  uncrowded vistas. Here the Wall is Mongol, not ‘Disney’.

    Art only Chinese Afford   Don’t you want to see the largest Art Museum in Asia? Only with The Women’s Travel Group.

    Mao and Propaganda: No other trip includes Propaganda.…

  • Volunteer Trips: Help or Hurt?

    Volunteer Trips: Help or Hurt?

    indiadinnerlastnightHere we are on our award winning India trip, this year Dec 4-16.

    A new book, ‘The Promises and Pitfalls of Global Health Volunteering’ by Dr. Judith Lasker is a good read for women travelers. Dr. Lasker’s book is informative yet disturbing.

    Dr. Lasker examines dozens of small volunteer travel organizations and finds that some cause unintended disturbance, some are choppy with poor continuity, and some are not followed through. Some sap local confidence in doing the same job but differently, and many do not analyze long term results. …

  • US Airlines Block Discounters

    Norwegian Airlines,one of the largest in Europe, is being blocked from new routes US-Europe by lobbying from our BIG Airlines. We recently wrote about Airline Safety. Apparently Norwegian meets the standards listed in that article.

    So guys, if you want us consumers to book higher airfares rather than fly on Norwegian, then give us a bone:

    Better ff benefits that you just snatched from us.

    A nibble? A peanut? A chip or two?

    Don’t charge for a tissue.

    Add some decency to your approach.…

  • Middle Seat War

    Airlines are already charging for preferred seats. Some only give good seats to those with status.  When you initially look at a flight’s seating chart,  you cannot tell which seats are actually available until you log in or book.

    Many women end up with that hated middle seat; make the best of it. Do not be shy about doing the following:

    Request to share the armrest and keep requesting each time your seat mate takes it.

    Ask for a lower Ipod volume.…

  • Is Your Airline Safe?

    Several weeks ago, I took connecting flights. On the first intra-Europe, the door to the pilot’s cockpit was open. At the second check in, I was grilled about why I was traveling,who I worked for,how long, what was the job description and more. So which airline was safer?

    Stats are that they both were!

    Here are a few items to investigate:

    Charters?  NO Most insurance companies will not cover you on either a charter or private plane.

    Code Shares: YES Code sharing airlines with US carriers are vetted by the FAA and the US carrier can be liable for its partners’ standards and safety.…

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