All trips to China are NOT the same.  Here is what you will not see with other groups, but do enjoy with us The Women’s Travel Group to China Oct 10-20. $2590+ air.

The Great Wall at Mutianyu:  with fortified towers and,  uncrowded vistas. Here the Wall is Mongol, not ‘Disney’.

Art only Chinese Afford   Don’t you want to see the largest Art Museum in Asia? Only with The Women’s Travel Group.

Mao and Propaganda: No other trip includes Propaganda. How can you go to China and not see Mao Posters? We do.

Real Shopping, not Junk: We are the only group includes the arts and crafts center of Beijing and trendy 798 Art Zone.

Finally Mongolia: No one else adds a Mongolia weekend.

Excellent hotels, most meals, flights, welcoming new travel friends, small group and more. Book our China trip today, Oct 10-20 best weather, best itinerary. $2590 plus air.

Email who welcomes all Women’s Travel Group members.  Also see Iran and India.