Nature boat trip in Africa

Nature boat trip in Africa

Accept temporary TSA delays. Here is what really has to change: the behavior of fellow passengers. And your reaction…

Stop saving seats for mystery people. Tell the saver, you will sit there until the mystery person comes back.

Don’t talk on the phone in bathroom stalls. Knock on the stall door and alert them.

Don’t leave a 100% charged device in the shared electrical plug.  Find the owner and tell them you are replacing it with yours.

Drop trash in the bin, not on the adjacent table. Tell the offenders: let’s clean this up.

Let’s make the best of a bad situation. What is your pet peeve about airport behavior? The Women’s Travel Group shares it thoughts with Facebook friends. Upcoming trips are to India, China, The Amalfi Coast of Italy, Iran, Morocco and Mexico. Call us at 646 309 5607 or email us