There is a rhythm to group tours.  Excited leaving home. Jumpy at the airport. Collapsed in the airline seat. Anxious departing the plane. Confused entering the airport. Nervous at luggage. Scared leaving customs. Relieved when met.

The scariest moment of a trip is leaving the customs area of a foreign airport then scanning the crowd for a sign that says WELCOME ME.

Before you leave home, have your meet and greet information with local phone number in your wallet or clearly noted in your phone with overseas calling ability. You might have to call this person if your flight is very late. Have an overseas plan for your phone; up to a month costs about $30 tops.

Leaving customs with luggage in tow, first double check that your money belt/purse is zipped tight and passport back in it. It is  easy to leave this unzipped after showing to officials or digging for a luggage tag for security.

In countries like China, India, Iran where the signs are not in English or in Roman script, you might feel even more jittery. We will be outside waiting for you at our China trip October 2016, India December 2016 and Iran November 2016

If a solo traveler, you might be a teensy panicky.

Now buck up and leave the secured area.  Look around left to right for your ‘meeter’. In the case of The Women’s Travel Group, there might be a sign with your name? The Women’s Travel Group name? Even the local meet and greet company name doubled with The Women’s Travel Group?

The greeter will have your name and flight number.  He/ she will show it to you on request from paperwork.

Now relax, you are officially on vacation.

Do not think you are the only one to feel this way, you are not.  Feel free to share your angst or concerns with us on the phone 646 309 5607 or by email: No question is new or strange.