Ixtapan Spa

A few of our Mexico City and Ixtapan Spa Group


The Women’s Travel Group know squirming well.

Luggage does not come and you are in airplane-dirty clothes for 4 days. Solution: accept the kindness of strangers, our group will offer substitutes and we will get someone to take you shopping!

You lost your hormone pills, that means crying in front of the group. Yes it happens, and no, no one will laugh at you. Bring all medicine in the generic. We  help you with a hotel doctor and  nearby pharmacy for replacements.

You throw up!  Women react like mothers when one of us feels sick.  We always suggest a hotel doctor, that you get a receipt and charge it to travel insurance. We will also check on you if you skip a tour.

You oversleep! We ask everyone to bring an alarm clock and ask the Front desk for wake up calls. If you are an over-sleeper, ask one of us to call your room also.

You left your make up in the last hotel. Buying cosmetics overseas can be fun: organic in India, exotic in China, elegant in Italy, and mud in Ethiopia? Iran it won’t matter since your face will be covered.

The Women’s Travel Group has seen it all! What is the most awful thing that has happened to you on a trip? Shhhhh, mine was I pee’d on my skirt standing up in a hole in the floor toilet. It was khaki and showed for a long time.

Tour information: Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com