yogaHere we are in India. Join us in December 2016 for another amazing trip.

templeSome women prefer a single on Women’s Travel Group trips. Others want a share. What are the do’s and don’ts to make each work?

Share: To make this work and it usually does work, speak frankly to your roommate about tv noise, room temperature, when you prefer to shower, and general neatness. Come to an agreement about each and again be straightforward.

Do not put any expenses on the joint room tab.

Do not leave your phone on all night.

Do not keep a light on for late reading unless this is part of your agreement.

Do not share medicine if one of you is sick; call the hotel doctor.

Do not expect your share to take care of you or be your constant companion. The group is your companion, not one person.

Snoring: if you snore due to a cold or habit and this was not disclosed ahead of time, be fair and move into your own room at your expense. We, of course, help and try to get a special price on the spot.

Single: Connect with others so they watch out for you if you oversleep. If you want new friends, make an effort. Arrange to meet downstairs for a drink or shopping and be on time. Get a list of room numbers to make staying in touch easier.

Get organized regarding money, the safe, left items, before you leave. You are responsible even when tired.

If you do not feel well, immediately tell someone else if you are not coming to an event. Call the hotel doctor if need be. Do not be afraid to ask our escort or someone on the trip to help you. We are a helpful group.

Ask for your room to be next to others if you prefer that.

Take normal precautions for your safety. If you need to change rooms or have an issue. Go early to the Front Desk rather than keep everyone waiting. Remember if you are late, you do not have a roommate to advocate for you. Or say: ‘She is just on her way’, etc.

Ask for help from our guide and tour escorts, they are there for you.

Whether sharing or taking a single, we are in a group that is together from breakfast, often through dinner. You will not feel alone but also, you are not tied at the hip with your share.

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