Five danger signs to warn you off a tour; serious tips to share from The Women’s Travel Group.

Yes we have heard stories like the one from Isabelle who booked a train trip from a tour operator, arrived only to find there was no such train. Here are the danger signs:

No one answers the phone-voicemail will not do especially while you are traveling.

Photos in brochures or sites are formally posed not casually shot.

Women in photos are obvious models not real people.

Emails are answered each 24 hours which means the company might be a part time hobby for someone.

Extras like visa help and insurance are not offered. All tour operators should offer at least travel insurance! (Remember you can ask to see the actual insurance license…..)

Each and every question you pose is not answered to your comfort!!

Share this with friends who also travel, so we all get from our trips what we expect.   Have a good weekend and stay cool.

A Travel Warning from The Women’s Travel Group with Thanksgiving in Italy and Christmas in Morocco.