• Lessons for Exotic Travel

    Lessons for Exotic Travel

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    The Women’s Travel Group  tour of 17 just returned from Ethiopia,an exotic trip we organize. We traveled from well developed Addis Ababa to remote  Arba Minch. Here are some of the instructions which made our trip so successful.

    Check altitude of the destination, so you are prepared/and or take it easy the first days. Addis is 8,000 ft.

    Do not depend on weather history. Global changes are affecting travel. Normally cool Ethiopia was hotter due to El Nino this year.…

  • Last Minute Travel Worries for Women

    Last Minute Travel Worries for Women


    Last minute is when the worries swell and ruin your sleep. But women have different and surprising concerns. The Women’s Travel Group is sharing these with you so you do not feel you are crazy!

    The clothes conundrum: did I bring enough? The right kind? Should I buy hiking shoes: answer not really. Even how many times do you wear each pair of socks? Wear what is comfortable and light, what you can wash in a sink ( use shampoo), or what does not show dirt like dark colors.

  • Overseas Phone Savings for Dummies

    Overseas Phone Savings for Dummies


    Here we are in India where phone service was excellent and Facetime easy to connect. We arrange trips to India every year!

    December 2016 India trip click here

    After you return home and see a huge bill from your carrier, you will decide to learn the telephone mess once and for all. We are not telephone experts but here are some easy tips to save money. You can find many more on line.

    If your hotel has free wifi (usually  in public areas), you can forego paying for email.…

  • Women's Holiday Travel Dreams

    Women's Holiday Travel Dreams


    I too am visiting family over Christmas and yes,  I too have a holiday travel fantasy. By the way, the photo was sent in some time ago by one of the groups who went to Oman.

    I get upgraded to a seat next to NO ONE.

    The airplane smells like lavender.

    The overhead rack is not overhead.

    The pilot is a woman who narrates shopping experiences as we pass Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. She has low blood pressure and keeps the cabin warm.…

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