• Never Eat these 10 No No’s Overseas

    There are certain no no’s if you wish to travel to more exotic places and NOT get sick. This blog post might sound too conservative but why lose your hard earned money and days on a trip when you get sick?

    1. Shell fish, unless you are in a fine restaurant adjacent to the sea!
    2. Fish on weekends or after holidays. In some countries, fish is not delivered on weekends, Mondays or holidays….your fish will be old.
    3. Cut up fruit cocktail, not everyone washes hands when cutting fruit.
  • The Best $9.99 Christmas Gift

    For some of you out there, please go buy yourself a world MAP. Why do we say this as we end our 25th year at The Women’s Travel Group? Besides enthusiastic and upbeat travelers who join us, there are women who are shockingly and narrowly informed about our world.

    A woman called who did not book Russia because of “the wars”. We asked her what wars? She said, “my family says there are wars there”. Unless she is related to John Kerry, our US Secretary of State, I don’t think her family is privy to secret information about ‘wars’.…

  • How Smart Women Salvaged Weather Torn Vacations

    Weather has always been an issue. Current weather patterns are even more disruptive to travel. Be prepared and smart. To save your vacation The Women’s Travel Group is sharing some tips if bad weather seems imminent. First travel insurance: we always offer it when you book a trip. Our insurer is Travelinsured, reliable, 24/7 emergency phone help, and wonderful to work with.

    How smart women saved their vacations:

    Member from Minnesota was told by her airline that a connection in Newark was cancelled due to snow. …

  • Five reasons to grab last place: Yucatan/Merida

    A simple list should be enough to convince one of our Facebook pals to takethe last room: Dec 2-7 or stay on.

    Weather: sunny warm and fresh.
    Budget: The Peso at an all time low!
    Scenes: UNESCO Heritage sites amidst flowers and birds.
    Food: corn,chocolate,chili, beef, yum
    Friends: Travel with a Group of new friends from Texas? NY? CA? FL? IN?…

  • How to Travel with "Bad Knees"

    How to Travel with "Bad Knees"

    Every week, we at The Women’s Travel Group hear this: ‘I have some knee problems ‘….knees being a metaphor for limitations.  We all have limitations, as our mechanics deteriorate, we just jog too much or we are nervous travelers going solo for the first time.

    A few ideas to measure if you can travel with our group:

    Do you walk every day for normal errands?

    Can you put aside your nerves, lose sleep but learn to travel again in a group?…

  • Why Exotic Trips are Easier than Europe

    Why Exotic Trips are Easier than Europe


    Why exotic travel can be easier than European jaunts?

    Many trips to Europe involve a lot of city walking, stairs and marble museum floors. You are tempted to even when tired to wander the neighborhood of our centrally located hotels for some shopping, snacks or photo ops. Oh, those aching feet. In addition, some of us use the fitness area after a day of sightseeing and airplane rides, without thinking to stretch beforehand. Then finally, to save money, we will carry wine back to our room for in-room parties with the group.…

  • What Phyllis Learned on Vacation

    Just returned from my personal vacation, and here is what I learned:

    The world is still traveling. And tourist sites are full of happy, unworried travelers. Airports are as busy, flights fairly full. Families smiling and excited about their vacations.

    You will notice that immigration is slower and more thorough on both ends. There is the obvious, customs employees are also on family vacations. There is the newsworthy, they are being careful and methodical. There is the season, summer is peak which is why our group trips are mainly off season.…

  • 9 Hour Jetlag is Easier than 6

    9 Hour Jetlag is Easier than 6


    Flying to India is easier on your body than flying to Europe.  Why is this? How do we plan for the perfect India tripelephantstwo

    Once you arrive in Delhi on our annual Colors of India Trip, from a North American flight, you are individually met and escorted to our luxurious hotel.  After dinner with our group, you are ready to enjoy the ample cool and elegant hotel room.  Jetlag will lull you to sleep. Next day you will wake up at 6AM, have time for your emails, organizing clothes or using a glorious spa in our hotel.…

  • Holiday Weekend Tips Just for Women

    Holiday Tips uniquely for women, from The Women’s Travel Group. We all know the usual: be at the airport early, drive carefully and don’t drink/eat too much. Here are about a few others that effect women more than men:

    Toss a small roll of toilet paper in your carry on. Bathrooms are bound to be full at airports and highway stops. Supplies will be gone.

    Take some purell type gel to wipe hands after you leave a crowded public bathroom.…

  • Brexit Shock and Your Travel Plans

    (The photo is from voxeurop.eu)

    Yeserday, Britain voted to leave the EU.

    How will this change your travel plans? Here is guidance from The Women’s Travel Group.

    For Americans, little will change possibly attitude- see below. If you look at the visa stamp in your passport from a past trip to the UK, you see the following paraphrased. You may enter the UK for up to 6 months. You may not use public assistance. (These are national health or other services like reduced rates for seniors on buses, trains, in museums,free medical, dental, reduced price medicine, eyeglasses etc.)…

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