Here we are in India where phone service was excellent and Facetime easy to connect. We arrange trips to India every year!

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After you return home and see a huge bill from your carrier, you will decide to learn the telephone mess once and for all. We are not telephone experts but here are some easy tips to save money. You can find many more on line.

If your hotel has free wifi (usually¬† in public areas), you can forego paying for email. Most Women’s Travel Group hotels do have wifi in public areas.

Turn off what is called ‘cellular data’ on your phone. (On most you go to General Settings and one option is Cellular Data). You will still get phone calls and text messages which come over the phone lines.

If you expect a lot of calls, contact your mobile company before you leave and ask what package costs for phone usage overseas.  ATT charges $30 for a month overseas. Mexico is now free for most services (others charge a small daily amount).

Play with Facetime; it is a free phone app and easier than Skype. Apple phones have it. Set up numbers for friends, before you leave and test it.

Remember calling 800 numbers from overseas will not be toll-free. If you have flight cancellations, do NOT call the 800 number for your agent or airline. With a big storm or strike, both will have long wait times. Call the local number in the country where you are for a quicker response.

You can buy a cheap local phone with ‘pay as you go service’ in many countries. In Europe, Vodaphone and Orange stores sell them. The only caveat is you usually have to make a call every 6 or 12 months in order not to lose the $$ you put into it.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask: Is there a better option? And request a text or email confirming what you changed on your phone. I even will print out the on line chat information if it looks fishy.

Here are some useful links if you really want to learn the world of phones including SIM cards, locked phones and such.

Everything You Need to Know About Using Smartphones When You Travel


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