I too am visiting family over Christmas and yes,  I too have a holiday travel fantasy. By the way, the photo was sent in some time ago by one of the groups who went to Oman.

I get upgraded to a seat next to NO ONE.

The airplane smells like lavender.

The overhead rack is not overhead.

The pilot is a woman who narrates shopping experiences as we pass Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. She has low blood pressure and keeps the cabin warm.

I enter the Million Mile giveaway for the perfect letter to AA magazine. (Actually thought I did that already when the magazine featured the Muppets and I was flying to the premiere in Los Angeles. My son wrote the movie etc. Bah Humbug, I lost).

One toilet area is reserved for women who do not use makeup.

The lunch has no sugar except for the champagne, Irish coffee, and York Mint Pattie.

Films are The American President, The Sound of Music, As Good as it Gets, and First Wives Club.

The magazine is Hello or OK with the big issue about The Royal Family, Amal Clooney or  Brangelina.

The plane leaves and arrives on time.

We will see, maybe the plane will be on time? Travel safely and happily this holiday weekend. Take everything in stride; getting upset will not solve issues but a good junk book and a bag of York Mint Patties might help. We thank you for a wonderful 2015, and The Women’s Travel Group looks to 2016 for an exciting and peaceful year.

If you want to book the last room for Mexico City over the Holiday Weekend, email us and we will be able to take your information.

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