• Overseas Phone Savings for Dummies

    Overseas Phone Savings for Dummies


    Here we are in India where phone service was excellent and Facetime easy to connect. We arrange trips to India every year!

    December 2016 India trip click here

    After you return home and see a huge bill from your carrier, you will decide to learn the telephone mess once and for all. We are not telephone experts but here are some easy tips to save money. You can find many more on line.

    If your hotel has free wifi (usually  in public areas), you can forego paying for email.…

  • Worst Mistakes When Delayed by Weather

    Delays due to weather/strikes happen.  This list is what you should NOT do:

    Panic, it will not help you to make sharp decisions.

    Call your travel agent unless she/he booked the actual flight.

    Pull out your credit card immediately.

    Stand in a long frenzied line with screaming people.

    Pack in luggage your phone charger; always keep it in carry on.

    Here is what you SHOULD do:

    Scan trip documents for the 24/7 emergency numbers of your trip. Always keep the 24/7 numbers for your flights/cruise/tour on hand.…

  • Female Neurosis– Insomnia in Travel

    Female Neurosis– Insomnia in Travel


    More than men, women have sleep problems when we travel.  Jet lag and being away from home–possibly for the first time alone –can complicate the issue.

    If you can, fly so you arrive early evening. Do not exercise heavily before bed; but a nice walk will help. On some trips like our Colors of India, there are choices of flight arrivals.

    Start moving into the new time zone before you leave. Get up early or stay up late whichever applies. Some jet lag like that for our China trip is easier going there than coming home.…

  • Tips for Winter Spa/Fitness Getaways

    Tips for choosing a winter wellness week.

                                   Ixtapan Spa will be your 2016 gift.

    1. Make sure your hotel includes fitness and/or spa treatments in prices. Do not be fooled by discounted room prices. Service charges on spa treatments are usually 20% on top of the price.
    2. Ask what is walkable from the hotel.  Everyone wants to leave the confines of a resort, no matter how lovely, and many destination resorts are remotely situated.
    3. Shopping? Is there shopping near.  Most hotels have ridiculously overpriced shops.
  • Staying Healthy while You Travel

    Our Travel Insurer, Travel Insured Corp. sends out a newsletter which The Women’s Travel Group Office finds useful in a practical way. After all, they pay when practical things go wrong!

    Here are some good tips:

    —–Carry disinfecting wipes to clean items like airplane trays,  hotel TV remotes, and your and public phones.
    —-Get enough sleep to help your body stay healthy. Try to have a somewhat regular sleep schedule, if there are time zone changes. Use a white noise app if you have a hard time falling asleep.…

  • Travel Shopping: Is it a Waste?

    Travel Shopping: Is it a Waste?

    Fun Frida Kahlo Bags

    The women who travel with The Women’s Travel Group want to bring home something tangible. Our tours are full of experiences, sights, talks, and walks; however if there is a shopping experience truly unusual, we include it. We just added the high-quality Sabato Crafts Market to our Mexico City tour.

    What are our favorite ‘worth the time’ recent stops?

    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul November 2015

    Handmade jewelry or fabrics spread on animal skin in Southern Ethiopia!   March 2016) One spot left

    Florence Central Food Market April 2016 (one room left for 1-2)

    Dilli Haat in Delhi  Annual India tour December 2016,

    Balaaro Market in Sicily December 2014

    Cashmere Markets in Mongolia ( Mongolia is part of our upcoming China trip).…

  • Laughing Through a Travel Woe

    Laughing Through a Travel Woe


    Laughter should be packed in your suitcase and easy to reach. Laughter overlaid a jet-lagged face will open doors, create friendly helpful strangers and probably speed up whatever request you are aiming for.

    Studies suggest that laughter causes blood vessels to dilate and thus increase blood flow and then inflammation.  There are stressful moments in travel that can be assuaged with laughter.

    Bargaining: in some cultures, bargaining can become aggressive if the vendor thinks you are dissing his merchandise. This happened in Turkey a year ago when I questioned the fabric of a scarf.…

  • Heavy packables to throw out

    Travel clothes today are easy, leggings have replaced trousers/ washables have replaced cotton. So why is your suitcase so heavy?   Travel doctors tell us that back issues are the number one health problem for traveling women. Moving your heavy case in the hotel room is one reason. So here are some weighty things to leave home.

    Shoes: toss  heavy shoes and replace with light walking shoes. Merrell is one brand that produces solid but light walkers. Also: Easy Spirit, some Rockports, Keen.…

  • How to assess danger in travel

    How to assess danger in travel


    Our group of 19 women returned from Istanbul 3 days ago- see photo at left. The Women’s Travel Group looks at the US, UK and Canadian State Department notices for ongoing news. There had been an incident in Ankara; 1 or 2 women called nervously. What has now happened in Paris is sad and ironic for those who worried about Turkey! We found Istanbul not only safe but so welcoming to us as women and Americans.

    After problems, security is tightest combined with the local population being on alert.…

  • The 5 Items You Might Forget from Women's Travel Group

    Here are the five items we risk forgetting. I just packed for The Women’s Travel Group Istanbul trip, so these important things are fresh in my mind!

    Photo of everything important that I removed from my wallet. Always clear out your wallet with cards you will not need. Photograph others like AAA which you might need in a pinch?

    An electric plug for the outlets in an airport where yo have a long layover. Say you have 4 hours in Britain and want to recharge your phone, you will need to pack a UK 3 prong square adapter.…

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