Part 2 will address the following issues which scare us women:

Find the trip you want, walk through the itinerary to identify the scary parts. 1- Did luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

Walk thru the itinerary with us on the phone; lets find anything which you worry about and address it. Elephant ride in India? A long walk? Food?

As the airport carrousel rolls around with everyone’s luggage, most women hold their breath.  What to do before the trip:   1—Look at baggage tags before leaving check in. 2– Keep a photo of your suitcase, label it inside with your name etc. and itinerary. Be able to identify a few items- color-size-brand etc.  3– Never pack valuables, medicine, or your 24/7 tour company emergency number.

Luggage is separated in planes’ holds for different destinations and connections. What comes out last is not what was checked first. Don’t panic. If your luggage is not there, go to the help desk, fill out all papers and ask how to track bags. Many airlines have tracking on line, some by phone. In filling out paperwork,  your luggage brand,  id of some specific items in your suitcase and labeling will help a lot.

Most bags appear within 24 hours. Those that do not appear quickly are usually checked into one airline and transferred to another. If you have two airlines involved or two tickets, bring carry on necessities just in case.

When you are met, and we meet all our guests, ask for help in case our guide has suggestions. If you do not see our rep, wait, do not panic. If you have to call the rep for some reason like your plane was changed last minute, use the phone number we give you. Using your phone for 5 minutes at roaming rates and speaking to the guide is a smart use of $$. Phone doesn’t work? ask another rep waiting in the airport, if they will help make the call. People are usually nice about this.

Never feel rushed if you need to file paperwork that delays the group. It happens.

The amount of luggage that actually disappears is so minimal that you really should not worry unduly. What is really happening is your have temporarily been separated from your emotional base. If you want to dwell on the rareness of real loss, remember both Homeowners Insurance and our Travel Insurance will cover this loss.

Tomorrow we will address the next hurdles:  Can you sleep in this hotel? Will you be ok in a room alone? What if you can’t do something on the trip? What if you get sick? What if you don’t understand the language?.

We can still add a few more on our Ixtapan Spa/Yoga/Fitness/Pamper trip May 28-June 4 and  Rhine Cruise July 13-20, and Chile with Easter Island, New York, and more. Sicily! Danube cruise! Israel!  Call us at 646 309 5607. 

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