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Women overpack, that is a fact. Please share this with friends who overpack or are nervous about what to bring. The Women’s Travel Group, small group tours for women is generous in how much you can bring for our porterage inclusion; however, here are the 6 dumbest items you might pack.

  1. Jewelry of any kind. Packing even fake jewelry is an invitation for theft. Packing jewelry that has large stars on it is an invitation for the TSA to confiscate it as a possible weapon.
  2. Bringing a US drivers license, store, gasoline or other specialist credit cards is foolish. Empty your wallet before you travel. If you do lose your wallet, you at least don’t lose the Macy’s card that  doesn’t work overseas anyway. Getting a new drivers’ license is a pain in every state.
  3. Packing essential trip documents including the 24/7 emergency phone number is a recipe for confusion even disaster if your bags are lost or just in transit and your flight is delayed. This can happen easily when transferring from one flight to another then finding the second is cancelled… while your bags are treading water in the cellar of the airport.
  4. Carry on at least one iphone/ipad charger and an adaptor for each airport you pass through. You might need to recharge in London with a 3 prong square adaptor even though your destination is Pisa.
  5. Packing an expensive scarf, designer sun glasses: might be a bonanza for someone foraging in your suitcase for a luxury item.
  6. Never pack anything new that still has the tags on it; you are allowing others to take your belongings and return them to the store for cash or credit.

Otherwise pack what you wish and always feel free to call us for ideas of what you need on each trip with The Women’s Travel Group. Solo travelers welcome, single rooms available, weekend getaways to Mexico City, Berlin, and farther afield to India, Namibia, Russia and Iran.

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