Make new friends with The Women’s Travel Group

The Trump Administration is considering 11% cuts in the TSA Budget. If that means faster yet more intrusive searches, women need to rethink what we wear and what we carry. Especially if you are traveling alone on one of our trips, you don’t want to be delayed while your carry on sits away from sight.




Here are  items that should be left home, substituted or packed in your suitcase. Here are some tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

The big one: underwired bras. These will set off  sensors. Rather than droop your way to a trip, invest in an athletic bra or one with no underwire.

Clunky jewelry: The idea of travel jewelry is strange as you might still be mugged for fake stuff, so why bring it. I once had a gorgeous star pin in my carry on. I was stopped when TSA thought it was a weapon called a Chinese star.

Any liquid without a printed weights and measures label. This means if you dump some shampoo or moisturizer in a ‘travel bottle you bought at the Container Store” it will not have such a label. TSA can take it away leaving you dirty hair and witchy faces. Or worse without some $75 wrinkle cream.

Fabulous thick soled shoes.  TSA can make you take off shoes that have thick soles, alas currently in fashion for dress and walking. Wear something easy to slip off and thin soled. Those in Pre Check can still be stopped for their shoes, and overseas  countries have different security rules for shoes.

Large chunks of cheese or sausage can look suspicious. Similarly a large toothpaste tube can be a stopper.

Being stopped currently is a short delay; but how changes will effect the timing is up in the air.

If you want a good laugh, read this about the TSA and their new Twitter FAQ account:

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