Everyday we get calls and emails, some are to book trips and some are to say you are scared to book a trip. Some have booked trips and call to say they are still scared and nervous. Lets take apart a trip and try to experience it ahead of time to take the scared part away.

First here is Phyllis’ first trip alone. I flew to London, made it to the apartment where I was staying. Hungry and nervous about going out for dinner alone at night time, I went a nearby restaurant. Brought, of course a book and a note pad to look busy. I ordered food and wine, and started to write down how I was feeling. Scared, nervous, worried and I looked it. Then went back to the apartment to spend a sleepless night with ‘boogie men’. Next day adrenaline kicked in. Next night, exhaustion did the trick. When wandering around town, I stayed on edge, but gradually a thrill too over. I could eat cookies for lunch and no one cared.

That first solo experience was a trial; but Phyllis survived to tell the tale. Going with a group is different, you are not alone and you do not have to fend for yourself.

Over the next few blog posts we are going to dissect a trip and show you there are no ‘boogie men’. Here are the sections:

Find the trip you want, we’ll walk through the itinerary to identify the scary parts. 1- Did luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

The trip starts: Can you sleep in this hotel? Will you be ok in a room alone? What if you can’t do something on the trip? What if you get sick? What if you don’t understand the language?

What is the others don’t welcome you? Will you be less traveled than the others? Are they are from big cities? Am you richer? Poorer? Fatter? Skinnier? Quieter? Chattier?

What happens if you lose money/passport/ticket/medicine?

Stay tuned, we are going to discuss these issues, one by one. Feel free to add your 2 cents to the mix and share your first solo trip experience with us.

Phyllis Stoller is at Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com I personally am going to Ixtapan Spa with our group May 28-June 4, then the Patagonia part of Chile Nov. 6-12, and New York City of course.  Join us- we’ll hold your hand.