The Women’s Travel Group is horrified. How disgusting was the behavior of the so called “police” on the United flight that dragged a 69 year old doctor off the plane? How low will pretend “big boys” in their fake police-labeled jackets go? And how removed was the crew and captain, who so far are silent? To cap it all off, the CEO Oscar Munoz of United was rude, arrogant, and other words we cannot use here.

From what we have read, the airline could have offered more $$$ to get passengers off the plane. $800  was offered to Dr.Dao, who apparently did not understand he would have a very long delay for the next flight.  $800 is by no means a high payout based on what we are reading.

$800 is peanuts to United. As Jimmy Kimmel said: the stock dropped more than $250million after the incident. United could have bought the doctor a Boeing 737.

1– The auction should have been held before boarding. Can’t United count?

2–The amount offered should have been as high as needed, especially because United had already made the mistake of boarding too many passengers.

3–United should have paid for the staff or Dr. Dao to fly on another carrier/ driver and car/train at their expense.

4–An immediate apology should have been forthcoming, with a personal letter from the CEO of United.

5– The press has gone after Dr Dao’s criminal background, is United behind this?

Passengers are all being refunded for the flight. That is not enough. The airline industry needs to remember they are part of the ‘hospitality’ industry. We are the customers. We pay their salary and pensions. They were given the gift of monopoly; they should thank us everyday for voting for politicians who embrace monopolies.

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