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Every day when I wake up, the paper and tv tell me to hide in the deepest closet. There I might be safe, if I don’t eat sugar, fat, processed foods, or salt. So are we safe if we travel today? Who are all these pundits and are they for real?

There are the safety consultants, usually for profit companies, who want you to hire them for consultations or training in judo.

There are battalions of former– not all so young –military personnel now on the payroll of tv news programs. What does a general know about street crime in Paris?

There are the websites that want to sell you money pouches that fit into unmentionable parts of your anatomy.

There are your friends who warn you from going anywhere.

And then there are the real and accurate places to go for advice:

There are the objective opinions: US State Dept. Canadian opinion, British Foreign Ministry,  and many other countries advice you can read on line.

There is the travel insurance industry that insures you ONLY if you will be safe. Make sure your trip is insurable.

There are local English speaking newspapers which report on local crimes,street demonstrations.

There is common sense: avoid countries on election day which are going thru disputed elections. Avoid those areas having national holidays that commemorate anti-West events. Avoid areas that have recently been through natural disasters. Stay away from disputed borders.  Avoid the bad neighborhoods that any tour guide or concierge can pin point for you. Be wary of countries going through major devaluations.