We are often asked to arrange trips for private groups: clubs, women’s political organizations, charities, and more often now, women’s organizations which support entities losing federal money.

Here is what you need to organize a private group:

10 minimun

Budget for the trip

goal: funding a scholarship? donating to an organization? awarding top donors? tightening relationships? just having fun?

duration of trip

age of participants

coed or all women


pre and post trip extra travel for those with more time

want an escort to work with the guide so everyone is on a real vacation, just ask.

We send you a brief questionnaire to help you focus. We organize the trip, prepare flyers and marketing materials, we give a presentation if you are near one of our offices. We take the bookings, offer travel insurance, do the airfare, and keep you informed all the way.

So if you belong to any group that is thinking of travel, call Phyllis and run it by her. No obligation at all