As you who travel with The Women’s Travel Group already know, we usually supply a reading list. Our group going to Berlin April 29-May 5 will find a city with an intriguing history of spies and secrets. In researching the list, we came upon a new source for women who like history. The CIA has a website for declassified reports:

So what will you find in those reports on Berlin? Go type in Berlin or for that matter any city or situation. Up will come endless reports, some hard to understand and others like a novel.

We also supply a list of movies filmed in a location. For instance Cabaret which was filmed in Berlin. For vintage movies that are free, here are a few url’s to investigate:

We can still take a person on Berlin last minute. Also limited space on Russia, Rhine River, Ixtapan Spa and others on our site. Look for the top menu title: Tours 2017-2018.

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