The gardens at Ixtapan Spa

This is part 3 of our ‘walkthrough of a trip’ illustrating why women are scared to travel.

Part 1 was a general introduction.

Part 2 covered  Find the trip you want, we’ll walk through the itinerary to identify scary parts. 1- Did the luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

Part 3  Can you sleep in this hotel? Will you be ok in a room alone? What if you can’t do something on the trip? What if you get sick? What if you don’t understand the language?

Unfortunately, women have more sleep issues than men. We hear every noise, feel vulnerable outside of our bedrooms yet still do not do the things that protect us. 1–Use a deadbolt if there is one. 2–Never stay on the ground floor of a hotel or where a terrace is not secure. 3–Avoid hotels with big lobbies and lots of traffic. 4–Look at the fire escape map. 5–Do not open your door to anyone unless they show you your actual room service meal by holding it up and telling you what you ordered. 6–Change rooms if check-in announces your room number in front of others you do not trust. 7–If you feel afraid, talk to the Front Desk, even ask for the Manager if you truly feel the hotel is unsafe.

Arrive rested so you have some spare for the nights of unsettled sleep. Listen to music from downloaded podcasts. Ask for a share if you need company.

Feel sick? The Women’s Travel Group will help you call a hotel doctor.  Why lose time on a trip if a doc can help immediately? If you take medicine regularly, bring the prescription in the generic so an overseas doc can read it. As we said earlier, do NOT pack medicine. General supplies we suggest are bandaids, Neosporin type gel antibiotic, Tylenol or whatever you take,  antibiotics from your doctor if going to an exotic destination, a few antihistamines, small cough syrup or drops, suntan lotion. We are not doctors, so please talk to your physician. If going to most developed countries, you can buy this list; however, having some to take immediately is a good idea.

Buy travel insurance to cover all medical costs overseas. The Women’s Travel Group offers this coverage as soon as you book. It will pay for the hotel doctor, remember to get a receipt. Ask one of us to go with you to the doctor, and or have our guide go and translate. He/she will have done this before, don’t worry. Never be afraid to tell someone: I do not understand you, will you talk slower or write the words down?

If you cannot do something on a trip: his might be a long walk, an animal ride, an escalator phobia. You need to tell our guide hopefully before the event. There is always a substitute or a place to sit while the group continues. Examples: 2 of us avoided the elephant ride in Jaipur and were driven to the fort. A woman in Paris had an escalator phobia in the Musee d’Orsay, we found her an elevator. The walk is too long? Ask for a taxi.

Stay tuned to Part 4 tomorrow.  Trips with limited space: Chile and Easter Island, New York City, Portugal for Thanksgiving and Sicily with medieval festivals and parades, Ixtapan spa May 28-June 4, ltd space left

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