• Excuses Friends Use NOT to Travel

    Excuses Friends Use NOT to Travel



    Yes we all… eat gelato in Italy and are proud of it.







    Excuses Friends Use NOT to Travel

    “Have to think about it”.

    “Cannot decide now”.

    “Want to get a frequent flyer mile ticket”.

    “Might need a procedure?

    “My family doesn’t think I should go”.

    But here is what women are actually thinking:

    “I am afraid to go alone, even in a group”.

    “I am shy and not good around new people.”

    “I used to travel with my husband/best friend/partner and he passed away”.…

  • Solo Travel Scares

    Solo Travel Scares

















    Ixtapan Spa, part of our Feb. 8 group. Single supplement for a whole week is only $170…

    Who isn’t at least a bit nervous when solo traveling? Even vets like myself from The Women’s Travel Group are more on edge when alone. You have to be watch your valuables, scan streets and be responsible for your movements. Compound this with the fact that women are statistically poor sleepers, worse in hotels than at home.…

  • Too Nervous to Travel?

    Too Nervous to Travel?


    Can travel be fun for Nervous Nellies? Yes for some. No for others. Let’s face it, some women just do better in their environment and home. Others yearn to travel but are scared of flying? Being a solo but in a group? Not being understood? Concerned about jet lag? About unusual food? and Yes about toilet access.

    Food and toilets are specifically women’s concerns. Food worries us since we are diet conscious and these days have more allergies: gluten, sugar, seeds, eggs, peanuts… Asking for a specific diet is as easy as forewarning our staff at The Women’s Travel Group.…

  • Ultra Italy: See it Right

    Why do most tours seem so short and airfares so expensive? Tours are short because Americans do not take vacations they deserve. Airfares are expensive because fuel surcharges remain high though fuel is low. (Fuel surcharges have been renamed: “international fees”; how annoying is that?)

    Italy is a lot more than Rome and Tuscany. Each corner of the peninsula has its surprises. Or like Naples its reputation. (Yes we include Naples!!) Naples is an open air museum due to the many statues and fascinating buildings; it is not just a jumping off point for Pompeii and Amalfi Coast.…

  • Surviving Airline Weather Cancellations

    Some of our group in Ixtapan Spa were cancelled by Delta on Feb. 15 2015, due to high winds at JFK.  The other women had no problem getting home same day. A few simple choices can help reduce the stress of a cancellation and any added costs.

    Obviously travel insurance is the first preventative for both stress and $$. The second is to keep calm especially if you are solo.

    On your airline profile (when you enter an airline website), put that you prefer notices by text message. …

  • Share left on Cote D'Azur

    Our policy at The Women’s Travel Group is to offer share guarantees on our trips; if someone is not matched, they often get a no supplement single. What is the worst that can happen if you share?

    1- You might find out you are the messier packer?

    2- You might learn about new expensive habits that will cost you; that is how I learned about $$$ Frederic Fekkai hair products from travel mate.

    3- You might have to ask for a second room key?…

  • Snowed in

    Well not exactly, but we thought we would be while listening to the news.If you were a solo traveler yesterday, you would have been nervous and thinking about cancelling your wonderful trip,right?

    What do you do when you are abruptly cancelled from a trip departure? First have a list of all your reservations from the taxi, to pre-tour rooms, aiport lounges through the trip. Then speak with your tour operator and make sure they know you have an issue and ask for their imput.…

  • Changing Money Overseas

    The Euro is at a low (that is since it was created). But when you as a tourist try to change money it is not 1.15 but 1.40! What are the best ways to change money if you go to France with us end March?

    The more you change the better the rate as a service charge amortizes better. Most of us do not carry enough cash to make a difference this way.

    Change Bureaux in town are generally better than banks or airport venues.…

  • Global Entry: Jump the Queue

    Global Entry: Jump the Queue






    Resting for a minute in a Roman theater in Taormina, Sicily.


    There were huge crowds at a local airport which propelled me finally to get Global Entry, the $100 a year queue jump security system for airports here. If you think you might be traveling this year and have that spare $100, go for it. Global Entry allows you to stroll up to a computer terminal, apply your information ( finger prints or whatever) and walk through immigration.…

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