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We live in a world of beeps and bings and alarms and sirens. When you are on vacation in a hotel, what you need is silence.  Getting a good night’s sleep is a big factor in enjoying your trip. Being a solo in a hotel room and interrupted by one of these noises is even more disconcerting.

Here are some of the things you should unplug:

1 The hotel room alarm clock!!!! This is the worst surprise, when the prior guest has used the alarm to catch a 1AM flight and the clock is still programmed.

2. If the ice maker is outside your room and it is disgorging ice loudly, quietly unplug it. Ice will remain frozen for a long time so other guests will not necessarily be inconvenienced.

3. Turn off the tv. This might seem obvious, however I have recently been in hotels where the alarm and much hotel information is on the TV. When you check in, there is music coming from the TV that you might not be able to shut down without help.

4. Turn off and on all the lights. How many times have you had trouble finding the right switch for the right light? And you end up in a room that has one light on you cannot operate unless you wait for hotel staff to help you at midnight. So up front, try them all.

5. If you are in an area where there are electric surges (storms or just more primitive electricity), recheck everything above nightly since a surge can reset some of these items.

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