• 5 Humiliating Excuses from Non-Traveling Friends

    5 Humiliating Excuses from Non-Traveling Friends

    India Holy Man 2




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    Who isn’t sick and tired of excuses from friends who claim they want to travel but don’t.  Who isn’t humiliated asking over and over, and getting the same rejection. It is embarrassing and hurtful to be rebuffed by friends. So to make you all feel better, here is what my own friends use as excuses- and why I like to travel in groups of women:

    “I only go Business Class and only with  X and X company”.…

  • You can Go Home Again

    It is true that you cannot go home again. But you can travel again post widowhood, divorce,ex-partner or just reluctant husband. You might not see Paris as ‘a romantic’ or Mexico as ‘beach margaritas’ or India as a ‘shoppers’ delight’. But you will see these places with new colors: Paris as ‘elegant but cosy’; Mexico as ‘artistically modern’; India as ‘insightful and ayurvedic’.

    Traveling the second time around or third if you were a hosteler in the 1960’s-70’s is different, not less wonderful.…

  • Worst Weekend Getaway Mistakes

    Worst Weekend Getaway Mistakes



    Dinner in Africa


    Memorial Weekend is here, and lucky women get to go away. Every year we tend to make the same prep mistakes. Some cost money and some just aggravation. Here are some tips from The Women’s Travel Group.

    We take an entire inventory of plastic ccards, even those we do not need at all ie local museum or Big Box store memberships.

    Then if we have a problem, we forget to bring the fraud number of each card and cannot cancel them promptly.…

  • Ten Unusual 'Don't take on Vacation" things

    Credit cards for stores. We once had a woman show her Loehmann’s credit card as proof of identity- it worked but leave store/gasoline cards home.

    Passwords on a piece of paper. If you must bring passwords, code them first. Take a photo of your list, and hide somewhere in your email account. A photo cannot be hacked.

    Good costume jewelry; it might look real enough to get you robbed. And it will probably set off the TSA machinery if you wear it.…

  • How does WTravel Group travel?

    How does WTravel Group travel?

    ricks     Some times in a rickshaw? Today a woman asked what vehicles do we use? Easy answer: it depends on the group size and the terrain we are covering. Here are a few examples: Small group, short distances: usually a 15-21 seater bus still with some empty seats. That is what we use in Tuscany and Ireland, a 17 seater for 8 women plus guide and driver. Long distance: almost always a larger bus, with air conditioning, and very comfortable seats.…

  • Men-Women Stupid Travel Surveys

    Men-Women Stupid Travel Surveys

    The photo is our doorman in India; we just like it but no relevance to this blog post at all.

    doormanWhy spend millions to discover what all of us know already? Here are a few bits from a recent survey comparing men and women travelers:

    We care more about getting to the airport on time and about security. Duh: who did the carpool? And who watched out for safety in the playground?

    We wanted improvements to bathrooms; men wanted quieter cabins.…

  • The perfect  travel group size?

    The perfect travel group size?







    Italy always 8-9 to fit into our farmouse.




    We are often asked How Large are Your Groups? It is hard to answer when our groups range from 6-21 and often fall in the middle of those numbers. But here are a few comments about group size we have tracked for 23 years.

    21 has to be the max. Why? We have found that with 21 women in a group, everyone makes 2-5 new friends and everyone has a meaningful conversation with everyone else during the trip.…

  • Senior Women – 'Adventurous' Destinations

    Senior Women – 'Adventurous' Destinations







    Phyllis in Ethiopia on our first trip; second trip booking now.

    Once you have done the London Paris Rome trip and its clones, why not try a destination with a little sizzle?  Oddly The Women’s Travel Group has found that the more unusual the destination, the faster the tour is full. Here is what we think this trend is about:

    Carpe diem first and foremost. As we get older, we realize that some areas might pose issues for us, even if the issue is only confidence in going.…

  • Who we are: The Women's Travel Group

    Who we are: The Women's Travel Group

    women's travel groups SaltlakeSome of our Facebook friends have not been ‘properly’ introduced to The Women’s Travel Group. Well here goes: Phyllis Stoller founded the Women’s Travel Club in 1992 because she had 5 weeks vacation and her husband had 2. She had been a corporate banker with the time and $ to use the vacation but could not find friends to share it.

    The original Club took off amazingly fast, first with local women who felt the same way but had no way to meet each other.…

  • The Best Nail Biting 1st Trip-Ireland

    Your first nail biting trip without friends/family.Ireland

    Your first trip by yourself should be chosen carefully. Here is why Ireland is the best first trip with The Women’s Travel Group.

    Short direct to Dublin flight, less travel fatigue and less initial angst which effects all of us but more, if this is your first solo trip. A little over 6 hours from JFK makes Ireland our closest neighbor besides Portugal.

    English speaking, with a lilt and a smile. Obviously this means instructions from airport staff, hotel concierges, wait staff, taxi drivers are in your language.…

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